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Poem for Stormy's Contest.
He was proud to go off to war.
The southern bell, her tears
she couldn't hide.
As he kissed her good bye.

With his company he did depart.
guns a blazing, it was a brutal war.
He was proud to do his duty .
He shot at the enemy because he didn't have a choice.

She stayed at home and waited for his return.
He promised to marry her when he returned.
They were both in their youth.
They knew their love was meant to be.

On the sand , he fell.
Death was all around
but he had made a promise to her.
No death wouldn't wouldn't find him today.

To her family southern mansion, the enemy
soldiers came and attempted to set the
great beautiful structure on fire.
She stood her ground and showed no fear.

Confederate war soldiers arrived and saved her mansion.
She was so grateful.
He came home with an injured arm.
They hugged and cried in each other's arms.

They hung the flag above the door.
The south had lost the war-
but she hadn't lost him.
War was hell but love won in the end.

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