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Poem for Short Shots Contest about a dog walking by the ocean.
A beautiful blonde dog walks along the ocean.
He is content and takes time to chase the waves.
No frisbees, sticks or seagulls to run after.
A lovely sunny day and the dog loves to walk by the waves.

His owner is nearby sunbathing but watches him.
A seagull flies by and the dog raises his head to bark.
The seagull pays him no mind as he searches for food.
The sun sparkles on the ocean and the dog enjoys the warmth.

His owner told him he will have a new puppy friend soon.
The dog will have to share his owner but he knows she loves him.
She has a big heart and a lot of love to give. She is a keeper.
The dog has a nice home, plenty of food and is well loved.

The dog doesn't worry about politics or world affairs.
His owner is reading a romance book on her Nook.
The dog sees another dog and they smell noses.
Our dog leaves because he has more ocean to explore.

He sees some seashells and sniffs at them.
One is a crab and walks away from him.
He barks at the unsociable creature.
He is bored and decides to go back to his owner.

He looks at the beautiful sun sparkling on the ocean.
He pauses as he sees a human shadow.
The dog realizes it isn't just a shadow.
It is his guardian angel who watches over him.

The dog wags his tail and feels the angel's touch.
He runs back to his owner lying on her beach towel.
She gives him water and a treat as she pets him.
He curls up to take a nap and dreams he is king of the dogs.

28 Lines
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