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Inkscape is a free vector graphics program for drawing scalable graphics.
Inkscape Dynamics: Exploring a Vector Graphics Program
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By Theron O. Kuntz
With a modicum of know-how, you can become an Inkscape artist. Inkscape is no different when it comes to learning any new digital technology system. Since it's impossible to explain Inkscape's full functionality in this article, I give readers a peek into some of its components.

Inkscape is a digital SVG drawing program similar to Illustrator® and CorelDraw®.[1] SVG means scalable vector graphics, which is based on a mathematical system. This type of system allows easy scalability without lost of graphic definition. Inkscape adheres to the SVG standards set by W3.[2]

Initially, Inkscape was created from the GILL (Gnome Illustrator) program that was developed by Raph Levian. It became, eventually, a cooperative project for second source development, thereby its GPL end-user license agreement.[3] Open to the public, the basic version of Inkscape for multi-platforms is free. Inkscape has support for a variety of web browsers, including Chrome and Safari®, and is loaded with other features, such as an XML Editor, Javascript®, and unicode mode.

Component Overviews

Window Anatomy. The Inkscape window is filled with the necessary functionality. Menu bars add easy accessibility, while a notification region, Tool Box, and Canvas area are a few other items forming the window's terrain.[4]

Tracing. Using Inkscape's Tracing Bitmap capability, users learn how to extract an image and establish its values using settings and tryouts. Layers, Paths, and tool controls are some of the methods for revitalizing a bitmap.[5]

Tweak Tool. This tool allows a user to change texts and graphics by simply employing a brush that is similar to brushes used for Adobe Photoshop® programs.[6]

Bezier Paths/Curves. Draw graphic or textual images using the pencil, pen, or calligraphy tools. Paths with nodes and handles can be created or edited.[7]

Clipping and Masking. Employ paths (objects) and alphas (transparencies) to create effects for your graphics or texts.[8]

Filter Effects. Create special effects, fills, and strokes, working largely in layers.[9] Construct a Drop Shadow using the Filter Editor dialog box.[10]

Calligraphy Tool. Use this tool to draw objects, including parallel strokes, and determine settings for stroke, nib, shape, angle, hue, and more.[11]

Extensions. There are sub-scripts that will function with Inkscape. Users can form their own sub-scripts for their Inkscape workloads.[12]

Filter Presets. Several of these pre-configured filters are installed in Inkscape's program. They are primarily used to alter object characteristics, adding such features as textures, glows, and bevels.[13]


Readers must be informed what Inkscape isn't. Inkscape isn't a 3D program. The most it can be is 2D with limited 3D perspective. Inkscape 0.46 has a new 3D box tool. It's not a raster-based program, although there is limited support for raster images. Inkscape isn't an animation program. Finally, it isn't a desktop publishing program.

If you are an artist, or an aspiring artist, who desires to use multimedia, it would be wise to choose separate programs to support your digital workloads. For graphic design artists, Inkscape meets basic to advance digital requirements for layout, manipulation, and completion of your digital creations.


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