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This is my interview with my PDG pal, Darleen.
Hello fellow PDG members.  I have the pleasure of introducing my new friend and pal, 🌑 Darleen - QoD .  I was lucky enough to meet Darleen through Nanowrimo.  She and I were on the green team.  We came in fourth place, much in part to her devotion to her writing her novel.  We were both part of the Nano Sprinters and she was the one who won the month with the most sprinting points!  She kept me motivated. 

Imagine my surprise and glee when we were paired together for the PDG’s Navigation Classes.  She continues to keep me on my toes and since she has usually got the challenge done before me; I can check out how she did something and use it as a guide to help me along if I find myself stuck. 

Our little interview has revealed even more wonderful things about her.  Namely, that besides her passion for her writing and her developing as a writer, she is the mother of three boys – all under the age of 6!  And of those boys, there is a set of 2 year old twins!!    She has also been married for 12 years. 

Darleen is a California girl.  Born and raised in the state capitol of Sacramento.  She and her husband had moved to Washington state, but they returned to move back in with her mother last year after her father died.  This may be a financially viable option, but I can see real value in her children growing up getting to know their grandmother. 

She is currently staying home to raise her children.  She says ‘Daycare is expensive for three children’ and I would agree, but I also think her boys are very lucky to have her guide their early years.  She is a Nationally Certified Pharmacy Technician and intends to return to work once her boys are all in school. 

Maybe in the interim, she will realize her dream, to become an author of novels or an editor.  And at 36 anything is possible! 

Writing.com is providing her with an opportunity to hone her writing skills as she works her way towards her goal of publication.  She is also making new friends and gaining contacts that can guide her towards her dreams.  Like myself, writing seems to be a part of who she is.  She started writing poetry in elementary school, floundered a bit after her father’s death, but reawakened the creative urge after finding the Nanowrimo site and Writing.com.

It was interesting to hear how she taught herself to play the piano at the age of 5 and that she was the high school’s on-call pianist.  Having gotten to know her a little, I am not surprised she was able to come in and learn the music to be able to fill in.  It was sad to hear that she has not played piano since her mother sold the piano when she was 19.  The music is still in her, she can be rendered to tears when she listens to classical piano. 

I believe we will see big things from this young woman.  She has determination and drive.  I am proud and pleased to call her my friend. 

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