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This is a letter to myself outlining my goals for the year.
Dear Me,

A new year has dawned and with it possibilities abound.  I need to think about what it is I want to accomplish.  Writing.com has already done so much to help me build my confidence and I want to continue to build myself up. 

That is fine to say but goals need to be SMART.  Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant and Time Bound.  You cannot simply say 'I want to build my confidence', I need to be specific about what that is. 

So what is it? 

This letter will be focusing on my writing and growth as a writer.  Let's look at the more specific aspects of that:

I want to write daily.  Doing websites like 750words.com keep track of my writing streak and I am bound and determined to pass my last highest streak of 82 days.  I am currently at 73 days as I write this. 

I have connected with Rhonda Welcome to My Reality.  This allows me to blog regularly.  My goal here is to complete at least 5 blogs a week

I have contributed pieces in the past to The Writer's Cramp and The Daily Muscle Stretch contests.  I am not going to say I will do these daily but I will check on the prompts and try to do one contribution to The Writer's Cramp each month of the year - that is 12 pieces. The Daily Muscle Stretch has changed to monthly - I will try to submit to it 3 times over the year.   

I am currently doing a Review Class with the PDG Review Academy.  This is to help me improve my reviews and give back to others, as well as learn from others on how to improve my own writing.  I will complete this class and I should be able to complete 4 reviews a month - that is one a week - for a total of 52 reviews over the year.  But 60 reviews sounds like a much better number, so we will go with that. 

I am also signed up for the PDG poetry class and the PDG short story class, so I expect to improve in those areas as well.  I will complete both classes

I am also a member of the Monthly Reading Challenge.  I am expecting to be able to read at least 5 books a month.  For January I signed on to read 10 and have already completed the challenge.  On Goodreads.com I signed on for the challenge of reading a total of 80 books over the course of the whole year.  I have accomplished this the last two years so I hope to do it again.

As I have done for the previous two years, I will compete in Nanowrimo in November.  Like last year, I will participate in the October Prep Challenge and the Nano - Write - Aton.  I met so many wonderful people through those activities. 

Last year I did Camp Nanowrimo and Junowrimo.  I am not sure if I will do them again this year.  If I do, I will continue to work on the novel I started last fall instead of starting anything new.  It is being a rebel, I know, but I like the writing communities that come with them and that is worth the involvement.  Besides I would like to complete at least the full first draft of my novel.

I do not feel ready to stretch beyond this site as yet, but I will keep my eyes and ears open to other contests and opportunities.

I expect this year to be very productive.  I see myself growing as a writer and as a reviewer.  I want to grow and learn and help others to do the same.  Being an involved member of Writing.com will help me in this goals and I intend for it to be my best year ever. 

P.S.I will make sure I check back to this letter each month and to make sure I am on track. 

With Complete Sincerity,


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