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Newest Edition of Jane Austen Newsletter.
Jane Austen Newsletter July 2015
Editor: Princess Megan Rose

Hello Everyone! Welcome to another edition of the Jane Austen Newsletter. I hope you are having a nice summer.

First off, here is our list of Jane Austen Group Members. Thank all of you for being members. We have had new ones join every few months. It means a lot to me.
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What to talk about? Harriet, the character in "Emma." It is like she was depending on Emma to find her a man. Getting a friend to set you up on a date is one thing and meeting a man your friend knows or her brother knows but really? Go to the dances, meet a man and decide for yourself. Harriet followed Emma around like a puppy dog wanting a treat or to be petted { I love animals and I enjoy petting them} but poor Harriet. Don't depend on a matchmaker! Like in "Fiddler On The Roof." I love that movie but go find your own man and decide who is right for you.

I read that the kisses in Jane Austen's movies weren't supposed to be romantic kisses but kisses were short and few during that time. Engaged couples and married couples shared kisses. The houses were too big in the movies. Personally, I like the Jane Austen movies and why does someone have to be so critical?

Have you read or heard about Jane Austen and the Zombies? They are making a movie about it. I don't like zombies. I read books that Jane is a vampire and so was Mr. Darcy. I love vampires but Jane Austen and the supernatural are separate. Let's leave Jane Austen as romances and the supernatural separate.

I am happy to report that this item is in the July 1, 2015 Romance Newsletter. I am really pleased about that and I hope you share my joy.
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What have you learned from Jane Austen?

I learned that Mr. Darcy is a man that I wouldn't have mind meeting and having for a husband. Dances and balls looked fun. I find myself wishing I could dance those dances. Military men showed up at a dance, they caught the eye of the women there and men of society weren't pleased. They loved their tea back then. Lydia running off with Wickim, she would have been banned from society. I thought it was interesting how Christmas and Easter were celebrated in Jane's time. Jane didn't have the freedom to write and receive credit for her work. That is sad. I have learned that I want to be a writer like Jane Austen and I wished I could have lived back then.

Right now, I am reading: JANE AUSTEN: A LIFE BY: CLAIRE TOMALIN. I hope to share with you in the next newsletter.

Did you know that Jane wrote The Mystery: An Unfinished Play. She wrote this for her father and he loved it.

She also wrote Lesley Castle: An Unfinished Novel In Letters

Catherine was her first attempt at a novel.

The Beautiful Cassandra. A novel in 12 chapters. Jane wrote this for her beloved sister.

The above we will probably never get a chance to read but she had to start somewhere like the rest of writers.

When Jane wrote Pride and Prejudice, her Darcy was Thomas Lefray, the husband of her friend Frances Talbott. He was an Earl and he and Jane drank tea together and wrote letters to each other. Why did Frances allow Jane and Thomas to be so close? Safly, Jane admired her Mr. Darcy from afar.

Don't forget the challenge. You can write in it anytime.
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I will try to be back next month with another newsletter. Feel free to e-mail me any ideas or your thoughts about Jane Austen!

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