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This title came to me this past Wednesday. My hope is to inspire someone to write.

Lifting us up like a sweet little
Buttercup, a strong song tells us we
Belong, making us feel good the way
It should be.

A strong song puts on a good show.
In our effort to help us grow, to
Become a better person at writing
Would make it exciting!

Trying to help more, a strong song
Makes us want to dance, so take a
Chance and prance on the floor.

Trying to figure out why we've sought
After dreams that may or may not be,
A strong song is our thing. We can
Imagine ourselves flying high in the sky
On the wing of a bird. If we don't put
Forth the effort to even try, we know full
Well the question we need to ask is
Why. What is holding us back? Is it
Failure that we are afraid of, or maybe
Even success?

Give us the courage to go the distance
By giving us some valuable assistance.
This is the reason we should meet;
The strong song gives us victory over

A strong song doesn't say that we're all
Wrong; it tells us that we're all right.

A new delight is shining forth; it's
A beautiful way to see the light. To
Proceed with the quest that makes us feel
Blessed, is to spark forth a brilliant desire.

By putting on the seal of approval,
The strong song helps us to heal. Be
Brave and bold by writing those books
That can be sold.

Written By Anna Marie Carlson
Wednesday, June 19, 2019
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