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I wanted to title this "Something Timliable" but couldn't find it on google.

Something timely happened, as a consequential sequence of events would occur in a manner that may be indescribable to someone you barely even know. This would be a commendable journey to a place that's near or far away, opened to an invitation that welcomes the existing aura of who you are, surrounded by an air full of beauty; a transparency that's reflected with a tranquility that transcends outward toward an area that's full of peace.

Something timely intervenes toward an action that would be solvable, except that I'm not exactly sure if it was or wasn't, all I know is that I kind of felt responsible, not knowing what I had done wrong. I did a normal routine, not bothering anybody; I guess it was my presence that bothered him. My intention is to do my own thing, and not to be in conflict with anyone. Of course, that's not how life is. It's about how you deal with the conflict.

Something timely takes place one step at a time. It's the way of discovering little baby steps along the path to wisdom that you can grow from. Acknowledging an insight that develops from a dream into a reality, can be distinguishable between a fairy tale and a completed goal that would be satisfied only by your standards.

Something timely isn't a pressured demand for what you should do, but, only when the time is right for you.

Written By Anna Marie Carlson
Thursday, July 11, 2019.
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