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This seemed like a strange name to me, but then I decided that it wasn't bad.

Differentiated bubbles come in many sizes, shapes, and formulated opinions.
They appear when you least expect them. They run high, low, and sometimes
In circles. They don't know where they're going exactly. Staking their claim,
They eventually make a bullseye.

When they're popped unexpectedly, differentiated bubbles tend to make
Formulated opinions. You wouldn't want to be popped either, if you placed
Yourself in their shoes. Being popped is a good way to burst your bubble.

Differentiated bubbles come and go as they please. They can fly high, way
Up in the sky, or low on the ground. Begging you to come near, they can be
Nice, round, and clear. They can float without doubt.

Without resistance, differentiated bubbles can go the distance. Knowing
They're caught by the discoveries of which they sought, they are attached and
Matched perfectly for you. By cooling down the weather patterns to the point
Of being drafty, they've shown how crafty they are, by showing their cleverness.

Differentiated bubbles are quite fascinating in their own right. Their tendency is
To perk up long-forgotten smiles. They will bring a laugh to the staff. Oh, my
Gosh! It's nice to be jolly, my golly. Be sure you keep a laugh and a smile with
You all day long.

Written by Anna Marie Carlson
Thursday, July 18, 2019
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