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Venturing out after a period of bad weather.
I have been inside forever
all the walls here are closing in
winds howled like rabid wilder beasts
rains and sleet pelted without mercy
flooded parking lots are common
as are the myriad back yards
semi-basement apartments too
displeasure water three feet deep

So I like Noah’s dove go out
for the first time after nature
threw the tantrum as the weather
chewed us up and spat the leaving
all grieving is a second course
to sup on later—let the sun
full force warm cheeks that have grown pale
I like the sound of whip-poor-will

plus even dogs ‘round neighborhood
as gentle breeze stirs dogwood tree
I shake my restlessness from shoes
it falls away like grits of sand
to stretch my arms with verdant green
ablaze in bloom ‘neath deep blue sky
while on the lake the silver glints
on waters nuzzled by the calm

and everywhere an olive branch
the peace of which a pleasing face
assumes to wit is natures pose
now that her angry phase is done
while I inhale bouquet of rose
and care not if her thorn is honed
since gratitude stays overwhelmed
by lighted glory from above

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