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Self realize your ability infj, self talk and self discovery of all the inability of today
If I am to be me,
I am to be you in every way.
You spend alot of time in the mirror,
How else will you never be alone to see your way.
That is the only impossible,
You have determined anyway.
All paradoxes are reconcilable,
Every extreme known meets flush in every way.
Know if you did not,
define Claircognizance.
Unconscious competence,
Clearly would not take inability out of the way.
Good job,
Defining Clairvoyant.
You clearly see those who come,
With a good concept of time to benefit the space in a day.
If you had never defined Clairaudience,
You could never clearly heard me shout from the whisper anyway.
If you never had the feeling,
To define Clairsentient.
Clearly the cursed feeling was not yours to mind,
It's gravy soup for me until I felt it go away.

Did you know,
And learn to use your cognitive functions?
That is how you function,
Your INFJ runs away with your mind.
It's good to know you found me.
Looking in the mirror,
Is for self discovery of a glance from the divine.
How love creates the image,
With reason for no make up to rhyme.
Before you looked into this mirror,
Someone else programmed those thoughts to be you.
With the universe inside you,
You are blessed to be for everything positive in you.
Sorry stranger for what you put you through.
Grateful to know you're no longer danger,
And I am known true.

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