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Chess Strategy in Poetry Form...
Chess Pieces

The game is all set up here.
The board is black and white.
A common starting strategy
is utilize your Knight.

At first they might seem weaker
But then the truth will dawn
To win the game you'll need to value
each and every Pawn.

For strong support maneuvers
The Bishop is the key
It helps guard other pieces
From threats you may not see.

A simple word of caution...
There'll surely be a raid.
You might get pieces taken
or lose them in a trade

In order to come out on top,
You need to show your range.
You'll want to have the most point value
after each exchange.

You should watch the board carefully
to play a game that's clean
and if it's at all possible
Try not to lose your Queen.

Let me give you one more tip
I know its sounds a hassle
A good defensive posture trick...
You're gonna want to castle.

It's a classic maneuver.
the oldest in the book.
It moves your king to safety
and opens up your rook.

The key point of the endgame...
Is to do more with less.
With luck you'll get a checkmate
and win the game of chess!


36 Lines

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