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A short poem about the thoughts which develop in a one sided lover's mind

How should I tell you, should I yell?
Or wait for you to take me out of this hell
All the formalities the world do I don't want
Will you accept my letters in my dirty font?

Will there be a dawn after this night?
When will the almighty shower His light?
The story must end well my heart says
But the brain's labyrinth ends crossways

Loving you was not my choice
All I needed was a friend to rejoice
I can't even end it forever straight
whether you stab me and kill me with hate

How did it happen? How did it start?
I realised my heart was no longer an empty cart
I didn't fell in love at your first sight
It took me sometime to make it upright

Don't you see it in my eyes?
A heaven beyond this world's lies
Don't you see it from the far, silently?
Waiting for me to say it bluntly

Why do I care? Why can't I see you weep?
Why do I pray you before I take every sleep?
Why do I want to bring a smile on your face
Doesn't matter if it costs me a menace

You often ask me the reason for my silence
Unaware of the upcoming consequence
Please tell me fast, don't be late
Is it my win or is it my mate?

The wheel of time runs faster when I am with you
I want you to know before we say adieu
If you fly away taking my support to depend
It doesn't matter you are in my heart till the end.

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