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This is a special poem for a young girl from her Grandma.
Veronica, you are a special girl. In two more years, you will be a teenager. Now, you are a pre-teen. You've gone through a lot, and, most likely, you have shed a lot of tears. Remember, when you're sad, it's okay to cry. This is one way to relieve stress.

When we played Barbie dolls together, I remember that we had a lots of fun. It was priceless to see the smile on your face. When you smiled and laughed, it was contaigious; other people would smile and laugh with you.

When you were singing songs, I remember you having such a pretty voice. You've got a special talent which needs to be shared.

For myself, I see you present yourself as a thinker. Before you answer questions, you want to be able to think things through. No worries, I like to do that also. We live in a fast paced world; because of this, we tend to lose our compassion for others. We need to slow down, take a deep breath, and slowly let it all out (exhale). To reflect on things, we need to go to a quiet place. With nobody else aroung, nobody but you can sort things out.

My Aunt Charlotte would call the number 11 skinny legs. You will at this age. I heard people also refer to eleven a double toothpicks. To brighten your day, I thought that a little bit of humor will help.

Here's a special poem that I've written just for you:

Veronica, you're now eleven years old; I want you to know that you're a blessing from heaven. God loves you no matter what you've done; you're his creation. You've won His heart. Jesus loves you just the way you are; He believes in you; He knows you'll go far.

It takes real courage to whether the storm. Look up to your sister, Isabella, this should be the norm. To share things, sisters need each other. Ask your sister for a hug; she may need one too. Lean on each other, laugh together, cry together, this is what sisters are supposed to do.

Veronica, come out of your shell; talk to your Grandma: she needs you too; you need each other. Let that smile come back to you; it suits you well; it looks good on you.

Dream up something good. This is something that you should do. To make them come true, believe in yourself; it all comes from you.

Next year, 2022, you will be twelve; this means that you can delve into things that will make you smarter; this will not depart from your heart.

Written by Anna Marie Carlson
Friday November 19, 2021

From your Grandma Angelina,
Your birthday, November 22, 2021

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