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Just a parallel reality. Just a free verse
If there is a world without you
I wish I never be born at it
If there is a city without you
I would never go there and visit it

If the sun shines without the light
Nobody is gonna see how it shines
If the water existed without life
Nobody is gonna drink it

If there is a sky without the stars and moon
The night would have been a horror
If there are plantlings without roots,
The wind would away take it

If there is a religion without belief
It's people would be blank and empty
If there are prays without concentration
Even God has no time to hear them

If we walk without legs
It would be nothing but a hard life
If we breath without the air
We would exhale our life through it

If there is no love,
there is no relation,
If there is no relation to anyone,
The hope to live within us dies

This is my world without you,
all the misery is mine
and Heaven disappeared without you
Making my life worse than death
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