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A child's memory of days with Grandpa...
I love to walk with Grandpa
His steps are short like mine
He doesn't say, "Now hurry up"
He always takes his time.

The days I spend with Grandpa
Are filled with laughter, fun
He tells me jokes that tickle
And stories of his youth.

He teaches me the Golden Rules
The "thank you" and the "Please"
He doesn't say an angry word
When I forget my manners.

He tells me people like to hurry
They dash and rush all over town
They miss the fun to talk and share
A walk and stroll with loved ones.

He shows me worms that wriggle
And birds that sing and fly
His favorite are flowers, trees
He grows in his backyard.

He speaks of love and freedom
The qualities that never fade
He shares his pain when Grandma "left"
He knows one day he'll be with her.

Sometimes we linger by the river
To watch the fishes rush and run
We make and share a paper boat
To sail among the fishes.

There was one day
We missed our walk
'Cause Grandpa's legs were poor
That hurt him much with pain.

And so we sat under his trees
To watch the butterflies
To listen hard for breezy winds
That float across his yard.

Gosh, miracle his legs were healed
Like new, growing branches on trees
We walk again, we laugh some more
Because our daily walk is fun.

I remember well one sunny day
During our walk under the sun
I run along, while Grandpa walks
What fun for me to win the race!

I remember, too, his love for me
The smiles and kisses I now miss
Believe me, Grandpa, I miss you
As I recall our walks of fun.

I miss you, Grandpa, I really do,
I miss you more when morning comes
I miss you more than toys and things
That grow and live in your backyard.

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