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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Ghost · #2271801
Emlyn is tired of covering for her crazy colleague's antics.
Emlyn sighed as she pushed the cleaning cart into Suite A-13. The office had been abandoned for years, probably because it was dark, stuffy and stale. She hoped the technology business moving in next week would bring it new life and brighten up the space. Her stomach clenched as the gentle murmurings up the hall rose to a screech.

She abandoned her cart and ran to the office at the end of the hallway. Avira sat in the middle of a symbol painted in red on the floor, clutching a bloody knife in her hands. She gagged at the stench of the bloody opossum in Avira’s lap. “I painted over the sigils last night.”

“That’s why they’re back,” Avira said. “The spirits don’t want people here. They want to be left alone!”

“So do I,” Emlyn said. “You’re crazier than a bag of cats. Clean up this mess.”

“No. The spirits want blood.”

“I’m not protecting you anymore. I’m turning you in to management.”

“It’s not my fault! They made me do it!

“There’s always a choice. I’m choosing to be done with you. You’re on your own.”

Emlyn felt sick for the rest of her shift. She drug into her apartment two hours later, collapsed into her recliner, and turned on the late night news.

“We’re on the scene of a fire at the Emergence Office Park, where a fire was reported minutes ago in Suite A-13. First responders have found one body in the wreckage of the building.”

Emlyn swore and switched off the television. She guessed Avira’s spirits got what they wanted. It looked like A-13 would be empty a bit longer.

Word Count: 275
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