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A song sung to the heroine of my fantasy novel by a witch in the Unseelie Court
Your tears are the jewels decorating my heart.
My dance, my song - your heart.
Make a wish and I’ll blow it out.
I’ll take your smile and turn it down.
Blinded by darkness you stumble.
You are lonely, he’s the only one.
You love him, and you always will,
Though he chose to be away from you.
You see him in the sunrise,
You wait for him in the moonrise.
You will not renounce all hope.
It can’t be easy for him, always the chosen one.
When will you see his smiling face?
Now, know that you’re waiting for nothing at all,
Though you will not see at all,
For a distant memory of a dream still plays
In the darkest corners of your mind.
You just run and run to it though you are still sitting here in tears.
Your tattered heart still beating, you are cursed.
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