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Short statements
                                                 - What do fairies do?
                                                 - Heal.
                                                 - Whom?
                                                 - Themselves. Fairies also write magazines.
                                                 - And why?
                                                 - To remain fairies...

Some people are like a pastry - the more you are with them,
the worse you feel.

A woman could live forever, if a man did not take
so much of her energy. :))

What if we wash the dishes and
never eat again? :))

Last night in my dream I was walking to the library and got lost,
but I had that dream so many times that I already know the way
back home. :))

He is vague double bottom suitcase.

I live in the mirror.

The print on Greenpeace feminist's T-shirt : DON'T NEED A POLINATOR.

A teenager to the parent : " You are money hoarder !!!"

- I am not in relationships.
- Why?
- Have no time holding hands. :))

Questioning why aren't you married is like asking
why don't you have a crocodile in your bathtub. :))

I am vegan - I don't want any flesh in my bed ! :))

- Do you know what Holliday is today?
- What?
- Money Spending Day. :))

Customer service person to an angry customer:
" Oh no, I have enough trouble with my own Zoo! " :))

Angry customer repeatedly uses "F***" word.
Sales person: " Don't you talk sexy to me ! " :))

We should work and save enough to live a moral life.

Science of Marriage: Get hitched and suffer as long as possible. :))

Life is too good to strive for perfection,
just enjoy it.

Life is a sprint, but somehow
we run like it's a marathon.

Don't lay your life on anyone's altar.

Leave the cheese in the mousetrap and go away.

A frog that is tired of churning butter.

Having a man in your life is like having sugar in your diet. :))

The golden bird
Landed on the branch
Spring has come

Two trees
Reaching to the sun
Touching each other branches
         (a man and a woman)

He said her so many beautiful words
so she couldn't longer fit them in her little heart-purse. :))

Even the smallest deed
takes time...

No matter how many times he tried,
A ceiling above his head didn't let him fly.

- Name something that you're simply happy with...
- Myself. :))

A writer's morning workout : stretch your wings.

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