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The collection contains stories about everyday life of Cosmo-psychologist Amiy Luterna.
Chapter 1

Alive Universe. A foolish project, I knew at once that it was foolish. It began when Sofia quitted –A girl from the cafeteria. That day I ordered coffee, as usual, but coffee was awful, then I thought that something happened to Sofia. It appeared, validly, it happened, but at us, but not at it. She quit, and now... Or perhaps everything began when an inspired optimist Edik Grom sat down at my table. There are such people; they cause envy only due to the fact they are in existince. Just the envy here is multi-coloured, and its colour depends on the person who feels it. Edik was good at everything; he was too clever, — of course, he was, he got his Ph. D. at twenty-two! — to call him an idiot is derogatory. He lived as if he was in God's hands. Yes, I am an attendant of science, and such a statement is not scientific. But, eventually, nobody still knows what will be there at the end of these scientific research, whether science will prove or disprove the existence of a certain one omnipotent and reasonable personality. And so, this inspired optimist (you imagine that an optimist and moreover, inspired?) Edik sat down near me, ordered a coffee, having tried it, right there told me that it was magnificent (of course, it was magnificent! For Edik everything is good, delightful and magnificent! And what, probably, especially irritates all — in his opinion about the magnificence of the world Edik was sincere).

“There is directive that came from Firokami,” Edik said.

I hemmed. There was nothing good to comes from Firokami. The capital does not send clear and exact tasks, all their requests could be led to “show us very something, and we will show it to the whole world". Oh, I should tell at first, I work in a scientific research institute, I won’t name the town because the institute is a real research and scientific, and therefore confidential one. My name is Amiy Luterna, I live in the scientific town and if you have heard my name, then, most likely it has to be in connection with something that is not important for you because what is of essence to you may be an area different from psychology of behaviour of the Universe. Therefore as I have noted, it is of no importance. My work entails forecasting behaviour of the Universe and the analysis of the reasons of the forecasted behaviour. Physicists answer a question — "how?” cosmologists respond to the prompt "because of what?", and we, psychologists, address the questions "why?" and "what for?”

Having understood that I would not figure out from Edik normal circumstances, I asked:

“What does the capital want this time?”

“Are you familiar with Gromulin's work?” Edik asked

Ha! Am I familiar…eeh, Yes, all my work were based on it. Actually, Aristarkh Gromulin was founder of the cosmopsychology. Now professor Gromulin hung up his boots and noted that his work was complete whereby all he could do next, was to optimise and modify it, amounts to just pouring from empty to empty. Gromulin said that any optimisation would exclude essential provisions, and each separate case needed its own modification. Further, he noted that it is for trainees and theorists who would not intend to eat bread for nothing. Gromulin lived on a professorial pension and on the fees from editions and patents. He lived right in the town, in the house designed by scientists of our scientific research institute, and it meant, THAT HOUSE. While taking into account all wishes of a living person. Yes, we have been receiving all privileges even during hard times; there were always those who needed “something to show it to others".

I nodded and he also nodded in response.

“Do you know about the mind of the Universe?”

I frowned, the formulation was inexact. Revelations that in the Universe there was a personal mind due to the laws of physics were stated in the latest work of Gromulin. Gromulin’s work was the latest, it gave scope for imagination and nobody was seriously engaged in it. The laws of physics already worked because of what cosmologists answered and that is why it was going interest no one. With the mind of the Universe, scientists explained to themselves about the force which theologians called God. And the proofs of the existence of this force were at the level of testaments of the existence of God.

“And so, at the Conference the dispute between the plenipotentiary of science and their theologians, well, Firokami decided to reconcile once and for all belligerent parties.”

“Once and for all, it is a bold statement,” I murmured.

“Well, the order came to us,” Edik dazzlingly smiled “you understand if we do the correct experiment, and prove that in the Universe there is a mind that responds to a reasonable request then...

I suddenly understood what Firokami had conceived. He decided to depreciate once and for all the rationality of belief, Indeed Once and for all. We, scientists, will create and make a series of experiments and the result will be the response of the Universe to any our request. The answer of scientists to theologians will be — yes, God exists, but this is a logical and reasonable God responding to the same logical and reasonable request. And everyone will be able to address him without dance, prayers, priests, churches, and belief. Firokami decided to replace faith with knowledge. Around the world, people are tired of what is offered by different religions. Therefore they will be able to address "God" and to ask "Them" any question and get response. They will follow God offered by Firokami. Firokami was multi-religious. Any religion was not higher than another — it was considered as something personal, and all attempts of one religion to receive even tiny more serious status were exposed to official sneers of the City. But the rest of the world still argued about God and still there were sets and religious wars but preachers still appeared …

Firokami was going to undermine these foundations as ruthless as always. He dictated to the world the terms in many spheres and now he attempts to remove what causes people’s suffering — religion.

Edik leaned back.

“And if the Universe does not respond?” I asked.

“It means, we should think about new series of experiments,” the cosmologist replied.

“It’s so easy for you, you live in God's hands” I thought. But, actually, what could go wrong? Well, there is nothing in the mind, but so what? Theologians will tell that God is great and did not want to communicate with the scientists who are filled with arrogance. Nothing will change … But if the Universe responds? And if its responds is not as expected? And what if it is an evil mind? Some religious fears bombarded my mind. No, I had no bridges through which I had to cross. Thus it explains why I am in science; I considered that there were no spheres which should not concern me. Everything that exists should be investigated and studied, and then they should be placed at service to mankind. We are all like that. In our scientific research institute, I mean. There is even a special test. That is how it is called "Fridges". I participated in creating it with other colleagues.

I was not afraid to cross a fridge. I was afraid of war, sabotage, and fanatics. Of course, the scientific town is protected. Very few people know about our location but the fear is irrational. It is a religious fear which is genetic. That is all and it will pass. I looked at Edi and the envy in me began to pour in all colours of the rainbow. He had no genetic fear. Edik smiled haughtily and contemptuously. He liked Firokami's request. He despised ignorance and it seemed he already understood our response to the capital’s request and how it will come to an end. And he liked it.

“Fanatics will be dissatisfied if we manage” I said.

Edik waved off.

“Oh, fanatics are always dissatisfied. That is why they are fanatics. Today at three o'clock there will be a meeting. The task will be discussed”.

Sam calls.

‘Samych’ is a term we nicknamed the Director of our scientific research institute, the head scientist –Professor Alexander Aristarkhovich Gromulin who I also the son of Gromulin. But Alexander did not follow the steps of his father who was a physicist and a psychologist. But he understood the importance of science. Alexander — was Sam, like Spanish “San”, “Saint”, which sounds as “Sam” before p, v, f, and b, and because he is the director and also because he is Gromulin, the son of the great Gromulin. In Firokamian language – he is himself and the son of the other himself.


I sighed. Anyway, I’ll be given one task. Most likely, to calculate the reasons why the mind cannot respond and what it wants to respond to. I so got used to counting analyzing and predicting behaviour of stars, planets, and galaxies. It is the universe where I analyze behavior of people and predict automatically. Perhaps if I lived among ordinary people, I would be scary and they would say that I read people’s mind thus I would be forced to feel awkward for the intelligence. But in scientific research institute everyone is frighteningly talented. Therefore we were neither frightened nor afraid of each other. Therefore I counted the task right. Well, not my personal, but for the group of scientists-psychologists. I was appointed the project leader from the psychologists.

At the meeting, there was no agiotage which I expected to be in the same part of the mind where the religious and genetic fears were based. All of the attendees listened to the request –"Adjust a communication line with the Universe, for clarification the reasonable basis in space. Formulate an algorithm of universal requests for receiving a response of the Universe. Make necessary experiments till the answer issues results unambiguously and then provide the progress report".

These are the tasks that Firokami sets.

Of course, it would be possible to get off with the standard “if to set off the explosion in space, the Universe will answer with radiation belts.” a similar non useful project. We, psychologists, are not needed there. Physicists have a bunch of such experiments. Cosmologists-theorists will be able to drag it into a reasonable response. But all of us knew that it is necessary for Firokami. And, on the determination of the colleagues, I saw that we were going to make it. To connect with God.

Chapter 2

I came back home, having finished or paused everyday things. We belonged to Firokami; his orders were a priority. The capital dealt himself with the postponed terms, with the dissatisfied rich and influential customers.

I decided to read this latest work of Gromulin. "The Alive Universe" — obediently displayed the screen. Of course, I read it, even studied. But, as I said, I learned it not in detail, and I didn’t re-read it since the University. There was no need. Questions of God never interested me. I was interested in the human, but not in their hypothetical creator.

"Whether it has ever seemed to you once that someone invisibly watches you? So that you try to seem better, even you’re alone? To whom do you want to be pleasant when you are alone? To whom do you talk aloud and about yourself being alone, justifying not beautiful thoughts?" the book began with this. Well, such a beginning of a scientific book. But Gromulin, in general, was good because he could describe the most complex theories easily and clear. Even where multistoried formulas were required, Gromulin gave artistic images. To me, an absolute humanitarian, it was possible to understand parallaxes, branes, isotropy, and other concepts, only names of which frightened me. Gromulin was a psychologist. He insisted that understanding terminology facilitates understanding of a subject in general. But I consider that whenever good this idea is, it still depends on the one who explains this terminology. It’s possible to describe something so that you will never understand the explanation itself.

Yes, you, for certain noticed, I admire Gromulin very much. But, isn’t it supposed to respect the person who showed you the way, gave you simple answers on seeming difficult to your questions?

I read until late at night; I carried on a dialogue with Gromulin as though he answered to me in the book. I don’t know how it turned out so. But once, I didn't agree with his provision, once I only thought of doubts as he dispelled them in the following paragraph. When I decided, he as cunning smiled and showed — didn’t I notice this contradiction? If I asked a question, he answered. If he asked a question, I replied, and he continued to argue as if he heard this answer. I noticed that I was carrying on dialogue only before the morning And decided not to bed.

Yes, for you, it’s strange. But I sleep not every day. Only when in an oppressed mood is it necessary to find some solution or an answer when it's already late. Then the staff of our scientific research institute agreed it would call it just SR? In Firokami, you know, everything is called just like that, like the University, the Scientific Research Institute, the Clinic). We go to untimely space To have some time for reflections. Pun, of course, but in fact, it’s exact. Yes, our scientists defined a conscious, unconscious, and what is going on during sleep. And why. You probably remember what I said about sleeping in the last story, "The Dream in the Spring Night." Who didn’t read, read it? I won’t distract by the theory of dreams now. Yeahs, it was a significant discovery that wasn’t even made public. It was just published in the magazine "Ave, science!", not for all. Some even said that people suffered, trying to put a dream into practice regulations. Well, come on, no subject in the Universe wouldn’t harm somebody. All ever acted as a murderer, and all served as a victim.

I made coffee, tasty. Almost, like Sofia’s. I stopped reading; we talked about much at night; now everything needs to be digested.

We have no strict working schedule. But later, after the first idea in this project, Samych will bring us together again, and we will agree on what time it’s obligatory to be in the institute by the whole group To discuss the work. For now, all will come, think, try. The opening step is mine. Yes, it’s self-confidently, of course, but that’s how it is. The colleagues will try something, but only when I create a working vector will the work begin. But how else? What would a gardener tell about the work of scientists which he saw through a window?

Let the gardener tell about his, and me about mine. You know, there is such a parable. One writer had a gardener, and once the gardener said: "Here is an idea came to my mind, maybe, it’s useful to you" and told the remarkable idea for a novel. The writer was delighted and said: "It’s a remarkable idea, write it down, and you will become a writer!" the gardener answered: "I am not a writer, I am a gardener. There’s no need for me. You are a writer — you write, you’ll turn it out to be better and more beautiful". The writer said: "Well, thank you, how can I thank you for it back? Oh, you know what, hold this bit of a tasty apple, there are a lot of seeds, I don’t need them, but you will grow up a wonderful apple garden". And they parted, happy with each other. Everyone should do what can best of all.

I decided to walk. Everything in the Town was constructed conveniently, beautifully. Everywhere it was well-groomed and neat. Even an abandoned park was so careful thoughtfully dumped that anybody had no chance to twist an ankle there or to fail in a hole among ruins. The ruins probably here were almost specially delivered. "The main thing is the comfort of scientists!" —the mayor of Firokami said. And everything was made here so that not to prevent us from thinking so that a thrown piece of paper wouldn’t distract us. And there was nobody to throw pieces of paper. Talented scientists were at a high level of ethics.

The Town is closer to Firokami's South. We have no winter. If work demanded winter — we went to Firokami's North, there was a department of our scientific research institute.

I went to a river paseo, to walk in an alley and come out to a cliff. From the ridge, a breathtaking view opened. It stimulates the process of construction of a happy future. We as if remained here in an idealized old place. Firokami is a multistoried city- octopus, diamond, ruthless, and futuristic. And our town is old –old humanistic Sci-Fi that is about the utopian future.

There already was someone on the cliff. I sighed and I was going to leave. But the "someone" waved to me with a hand—an acquaintance one. I sighed again. By nature, I am silent. People around shamelessly use it. They consider I am quiet to listen to them. And the profession doesn’t allow me to be disconnected and not listen. I got used to analyzing, and I am afraid to miss an idea or something that will guide me to an idea. Therefore, probably, that didn’t work out for Sofia and me. Sometimes I need to be alone. Now she is engaged with, undoubtedly, a worthy person. Sofia is a solemn girl. Didn’t I tell you before? Yes, she quit because she got engaged. And now, she will be able to draw. She always wanted to draw. Perhaps, of course, it didn’t work out also because of my desire to be alone sometimes. Probably she is not the one near whom I wouldn’t have such passion.

The acquaintance was Eric Grom –the younger brother of Edik. Eric was eighteen. Something needs to be said about him. Generally, he was promising. Yes. So it will be more precise. Did he promise everything? He was the best in class. Teachers at first rejoiced. When his literary talent was shown, he had written poems and prose, making him cry and laugh with a word everyone he wanted, and whenever desired. All thought that the spiritualized young man would become a writer or a poet. Then he started singing. Rare mezzo-soprano struck. Then, it turned out that he had an absolute ear. He sometimes composed music that is harmonious, elegant, familiar, and unique. Then it appeared he had a mathematical talent. Then he began to improve school experiments on physics on astronomy. Only one was terrible. The boy was lazy. He didn’t aspire to anything. He didn’t take examinations for the following classes.

Grom’s parents lived somewhere away from the Town, and they were sent monthly as many families of scientists who had not passed the tests for professional suitability and were not taken into the Town. The elder brother brought Eric here when the boy was eight. At the school, he too was ahead of everyone in development. And, need to say, Erik was also the cleverest boy. Teachers tried to influence Edik to discuss with the brother what capabilities he would like to develop. But how is it possible to influence a person who does not distinguish Sofia’s coffee from the coffee made by a coffee machine?

Edik waved away — the brother will decide himself when the time will come. And when will this time come? In a year he has choose the direction of his profession.

“Hi, Amiy,” Eric greeted.

“Hi,” I sat down on grass. The boy stood nearby.

We were silent for some time. Eric was even quieter than me.

“How are you? Chose the direction?” I asked.

“And you?” Eric grinned.


“Your new project, Edik said everyone is waiting for when you will specify where to go.”

“I’m thinking.”

“So am I.”

“This is different,” I felt irritated. In general, Eric, unlike the elder brother, was pleasant to all. Probably, I was the only one who understood that it would pass little time, and he would like the brother to irritate with how he is good at everything.

“This is different,” I repeated. “I need to think. The course of the experiment depends on me, which is from my choice.”

“And all my life depends on mine,” Eric grinned sat down on the grass near me. “Can I give you a hint?”

It seemed to me. I heard the tempter's notes in the guy's voice. Of course, it was nonsense. There was no temptation. It is because of this experiment; that I have this deep fear: what if it’s forbidden?

“Edik told you?”

The experiments were discussed in Town as news. The group of psychologists provided a project for the Town that the atmosphere of privacy will oppress talented scientists. And that they will indeed look for an air-grating. Perhaps, out of those contacts which they should not trust. And it was hazardous. Therefore, it was rare when a task meant silence. In the town people knew that all local talks should not go out. And how? The communication protocols were checked and listened to; each resident gave consent. And more than once, a third-party scientist helped break an impasse to a keen group. However, Eric was not a scientist yet. Though, probably, and he would have succeeded at this right now.

I nodded.

“Do you want the experiment to be successful?” Eric asked.

I was indignant.

“What do you mean when you say do I want? It will work well anyway regardless of the result. We will prove that Universe is reasonable, or we will prove that it is unreasonable.”

“And you want it to be reasonable or not?” Eric asked, carried out by a palm on wet fair hair. Eric had a bookish appearance. An author tried to invent an unusual but harmonious combination of hair color and eyes. And as a result, I thought up with something that didn’t exist. Eric had fair hair, very light, but with a gold shade, and dark as the evening sky –Almost violet. Do you see? What did I tell you? Why was I telling about these eyes? I need to think about the mind of the Universe. And only now do I understand That I tried not to think about it all day today. I did not know the answer. I did not know whether I wanted it to respond or not. It prevented me from thinking in that direction.

“I think I helped you enough.” Eric smiled. “As you will want, that way the experiment will go.”

I was indignant again. It seemed that the boy tried to convict me of dishonesty, claiming that I knew how the experiment would go. I explained to him that the investigation is a complex work that depends on many people. Eric bent a corner of his lips and stared at the river. It seems did not listen attentively to what I was saying and I became silent. I explain not to myself. I already understand everything—damned boy.

“Did you go to Aristarkh?” Eric asked.

Damned boy! Again I thought. Of course, I will go to Aristarkh. I will drink a cup of brewed currant leaves and listen to a couple of baizes. And then I will have to make the decision. Calculations depend on the decision. The decision is the criteria that define an experiment. We build a reasonable investigation, and I should consider it appropriate. I need to define a concept of its rationality … yes, I have to see Aristarkh. I was silent, having gone to the thoughts, but Eric did not distract me.

“I will go, Eric.” I nodded.

The boy moved his head. An analogy to fairy-tale guiding balls came to my mind. Any person hearing the word "scientist” imagines about; formulas, DNA chains, chemical compounds, and reference –something unclear. A scientist in work operates with knowledge and with facts from previous research to create something new with inspiration. The new idea always comes by a path of associations. If from the successful notion which came to mind is to track a trail before, it will turn out that you have been thinking of holes in cheese and have thought up refining to Laplace's hypothesis. Because of the task in my head was much superstitious nonsense. I frequently remembered fragments from books or fairy tales were. I need to visit Aristarkh.

Chapter 3

Aristarkh was at home; this great person entered maturity without aging. Stately and proud, he would seem haughty in his radiant laughing eyes.

I passed on a garden; Aristarkh was pottering with flowers. Flowers grew violently and somehow haphazardly. Aristarkh did not remove new sorts nor formed foliage and stalks. Having seen me, Aristarkh smiled, nodded; he had hands full.

"I am finishing now. Look, the sun there, it goes like this," Aristarkh drew an arch on the way of sun and nodded on a pink bush. "But it stretches out here. So, tell me — why?"

I shrugged my shoulders. Aristarkh nodded. For some reason, I felt shame.

“Perhaps, light refracts through " I looked for the basis of a rose bush to get confused and considerd that the sun is on the other side. But the brush turned to a small palm tree in a pot. I looked at the palm tree."

Aristarkh laughed.

“I rearranged it several times, where it goes to there the bush spins. Huh? Even types are different. Can be no pollination and banana roses. But it turns. Rose is the sun for it. How to understand the soul? You cannot ask them about flowers. Violation of the law, it would seem. You can put your boots in the oven, but that does not make them biscuits. Flowers need the sun but here, it needs a palm tree. And you will not output the law — roses need a palm tree. Just like that, it happened. Now. With them. Psychology. Well, all right, you did not come to hear about flowers."

Aristarkh, let a vineyard rod go to the house. I went for him.

“Well?” already having sat down at a table and pouring tea, the scientist asked.

I began to talk about the project. Aristarkh smiled as though I said nonsense. Just like children invent simple solutions to problems without knowing all data.

"You wrote about it." I stayed as though I could not remember. "I do not know what direction of an experiment to choose and where to start from?"

“It is your experiment. As you will want — it will go.” Aristarkh smiled.

Probably, the discontent was printed on my face because Aristarkh sparkled with a smile and knowingly nodded.

“How many psychologists are under you?” as if the scientist was deliberating something. And I felt that he thought of importance. I Thought about whether to tell him or not.

“48. In this group 5,” I answered.

“Do you train someone?”

“What do you mean?” I didn’t understand.

"Is there someone capable of taking your place? Go on your way?"

I thought and then I metioned a couple of surnames. Aristarkh sighed and shook his head.

"Do you think of whether I will cope with knowledge which you will share with me?" I self-confidently almost said but I was not asked.

Aristarkh slightly nodded.

"Aristarkh, it's not necessary to protect me from the knowledge!" I was indignant. "Knowledge is not frightening it is just a perception of people! It is just how you will use them.”

Aristarkh grinned; he attentively looked at me. He checked and read me. I thought whether it was worth sharing. I suddenly calmed down and continued to sip tea. I made everything I could. Even if Aristarkh hid something important — there was nothing that one person could make, and another could not repeat. I deliberated on the problem and decided to start from the fact that the Universe is reasonable. Or that God is. Eventually, if nobody needs it, why would I need it? The task is, I will act by rules. Even if Aristarkh …

“I am in, nearly 150 years, in psychology. This subject will be there until there is life.” Aristarkh started talking. “Thousands of experiments then either confirming theories or on the contrary disproving. I found a regularity — if the doubt sharpens you, then you hardly want a confirmation of the theory, the experiment will show a denial. If you are confident in theory, the experiment will show confirmation. Why so?”

“Intuition?” I said.

Aristarkh grinned.

“Someone should bear responsibility for an experiment.”

“Sam Samych …”

“No. Someone who needs this experiment.” Aristarkh took a sip of honey tea. “Someone in the group is always more enthusiastic than the others; someone always needs a more certain result. How is this a responsible one, so that it will be.”

“We have an objective work. We look for responsibility there” I pointed to the sky.

"I looked at it too, probably; if you go vertically, but not horizontally, sooner or later, you will find the the main thing," Aristarkh smiled. "Did you decide to make a start from the fact that the Universe is reasonable? Well, or that God is?"

"Why did you decide like this?"

“Because you want someone to be. Someone on who is possible to dump responsibility for everything.”

I took a sip of tea to take time to consider Aristarkh's words. The current taste sent consciousness somewhere to a summer, to childhood, or to the moment of unconsciousness when one is dizzy with summer smells and have an unjustly good mood.

"Perhaps I am concerned more with that Firokami would mock fanatics worldwide?" I said while snapping unclearly.

“Perhaps.” Evenly Gromulin smiled, leaning back on a chair back. “But you will conduct calculations, considering that you will answer and you will be answered.”


“The one will need more than others to get an answer. You, for example, Who will be sure of the answer? And when there is no answer someone will take the responsibility — and create his answer."

"Aristarkh … there is nobody? Did you look for it and did not find it? I should conduct calculations taking into account that there is nobody?" What I was trying to understand was whether the psychologist sure or disappointed? If he was sure, there is nothing to look for among stars. If he was disappointed then his search was not crowned with success therefore it could help nothing unless to inform us how he did it so that we will not go on the wrong direction.

“Amiy, to think of the creator of all real, that the creator sits in space where there is emptiness and waits for someone to addresses him is ignorance.

"They, maybe, do not wait, hear and do not know that someone can address them. And if to address correctly, then they will hear,” I muttered.

Aristarkh burst out laughing. We talked more, about palm trees and roses, and also about some gossip from the continent. Aristarkh told me about his new hobbies. Projects, he called them when he worked. Now he reached the same — hobbies. He found and translated to Firokamian antediluvian books. For you, of course, I think, the first readers of my notes, the flood is a Bible or the Sumer legend. Yes, I know it too, I live for you in the future, and the author who writes down my notes lives in the past, for me. But I hope that my notes will also reach my contemporaries. And so, in Firokami, there is also a concept "antediluvian." Still, before the river, then as the river spread so that it flooded the old city it gave rise to the sea and changed the climate. The contemporaries study all this in geography and history. And for you, this environmental disaster is in the distant future. Though there are no ecological disasters, any disaster is always ignorance. The best brains should develop algorithms of behavior and adaptation to new conditions. For nature, no accidents occur. An accident can be only for particular forms of life which are inexpedient and underdeveloped. And that they are the disaster, being so inappropriate. So, it is the tragedy, the drama, but not a disaster. I distract, but indeed it is not supposed to be so in memoirs?

So, Aristarkh found books of that distant past for us, perhaps, the books of your contemporaries, my first readers. He selected what he called the eternal from them, which is helpful to us and not outdated. I call such things — modern. I do not know why. It seems the word "modern" from other languages is simple "contemporary," and for us, it is just an old term at all. But for me, "modern" is what never becomes outdated.

And then I left home to work.

Chapter 4

After all, we will assume that the Universe is alive and reasonable. Nobody loves loneliness. Some lie that they do. People reflect on us and we do the same on them. An assessment of another defines our integrity—an observer. The essence of all religions is in it. We are quantum systems if to replace a scale — particles. We need an observer.

Is it necessary to tell you about the calculations and preparation for the experiment? For example, it is uninteresting in books; I even think that authors write it to appear clever, senseless, and ruthlessly because it is never essential for a plot and neither to world’s nor technical descriptions. Generally, we expected how to send such a request. And where to. The Universe is around us; in fact, it is possible to address this "God" while whispering in a room. Your room is no different from space —same substance. One is the principle of work. But for an experiment, it was necessary to send the information and identical request to other conditions: water, air, earth, vacuum, and space—more for showiness than efficiency. Physics found more conditions. We transferred the request to a sound wave. They say the Universe’s language is mathematics, but I did not meet any case about any person who could talk in this language to the Universe. I cannot even talk to the mathematics teacher in this language, thus as the leading psychologist of the project I chose what was clearer to me and more logical — music. Well, a sound — scientifically. Do you mind that there are so many "wells"? Of course, the author can throw out all of them, but I speak so, let it be like I talk to you.

In the request, we were guided by a rhythm. All alive, any life form and whatever differences are there reacts equally to groups of rhythms. That means, even light can be music, a rhythm. You see, yes? If it is interesting, I will write a note about rhythm to you. And so the essence is clear, huh? Not the sound and not the frequency, but the rhythm holds information. I thought for long, what a request it should be? Hello? Is there anybody? Did we come in peace? Let us be friends? I needed a specific question on which a definite answer would be assumed. Involuntary. It is a direct sphere of psychology. If exposed to any being a rhythmic obstacle, it will stop even for a moment. If rhythmically call any being, it involuntarily but will attempt to respond. There are archetypes of appeals to suppress an answer impulse on which we need to make an effort. That is, we required that God could not help but want to answer us.


I spent a lot of time thinking about questions to ask God and I toiled. At some point I became angry —what do I ask them even if they are and want to talk to us? What would you ask? I tried to provoke myself, like, hey, scientist, is there nothing you want to ask? But for some reason, it did not bother me. Well, I have nothing to ask. What is the meaning of my life? How can someone know the importance of my life? Here you are, a powerful being for someone, well, for a cat or your small aquarian fish. And here it can talk to you and asks: "What is the meaning of my life?" What would you answer? "Why have you created us?" And you would reply: "I did not create you." And that is it. The end of the communication. Or: "Do you love us?" And they will answer: "No." Or: "Why do people suffer?" And they will respond: "Because they are stupid." Was it worth loading the equipment for the sake of such answers? And who will believe us? It is me who has made it up at the table in a cafe. But the scientific task is a task. Answers should be checkable, questions - experimentally clear. It is impossible to ask questions that allegedly concern humankind's minds because they may be questions for us only.

Well, we will ask: "Is there else’s mind in the Universe?" What does it mean "else"? What answer will be exact and checkable? Why we have decided that we, in general, are a mind for the Universe? Or, for example, "Are there parallel worlds or is our Universe multiverse?" Or stupid – "what exploded at the Big Bang"? And what if there was no explosion? And what is our term "multiverse?" The questions need to be transferred to universal information concepts, and answers should be assumed in the same ideas to decipher them.

What if we decided to ask: "What do you feel?"

And the reciprocal rhythm causing the identical reaction will become the answer. Anyway, we will have to hear a rhythm of grief, joy, rest, or some new, unfamiliar rhythm.

We chose to test questions:

"Do you love?", "You are only one?", "Do you understand us?", " Do you influence our life?"

As the questions of the second order — if the Universe answers — we took: "What is your name?", "What language do you speak?", "Are our thoughts clear for you?", "Do you hear our needs?". But about their creative plans, so to speak, we decided not to ask. Because, what if, suddenly, we are a virus for the Universe, we will ask — what plan do you have for us, and they right there will show, in universal concepts, having destroyed the group of questioning.

With "do you love" again, there was a hitch because how to transfer a condition of love? We took at euphoria rhythm, of course. Not precisely psychologically, but rhythmically precise. They were tedious calculations if you are interested in such details — address our technical specialist — Rasgur Alshili, he with pleasure will tell you. Still, I fall asleep on the second minute when he begins to speak. I exaggerate, of course, on the fifth minute.

The group worked, I directed, if it was not for the story, but a novelette, then I would remember both talks and jokes, and there would be a couple of more chapters about creative labor relations among people. Enviably pleasant, without stresses, intrigues, and envy. Yes, in our town we look for it very strictly. Our Institute is not a supporter of policy that the stress will mobilize and that only in a dangerous situation people can think up something acceptable. Perhaps for untalented persons, it works, but not for geniuses. Stress weakens clever people. Roughly, huh? Well, we agreed that I tell you all how it is. And at us, it's considered so, as assumed, so I speak. Therefore we have a quiet working atmosphere, with a high sense of responsibility and self-discipline. Others don’t keep it long here. We do not have a place for those with whom it is too traumatizing to work and those who need support in their weaknesses. The good employees, but not enough resistance and emotionally ruthless are transferred, so that they won't distract with their sensual begging others and won't suffer, to other branches where people are not so in love with intelligence.

But what I want to tell is more important than these our pleasant talks and jokes, therefore to business. I, you’ve undoubtedly noticed, distract much.

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