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A boy reading, when suddenly he screamed...
I was reading a good book in Dad's library, very much occupied, and practically involved, in what the characters in the book were doing. And enjoying every bit of the story. When without any warning, the semi-darkness began creeping through the half-open window, gurgling and screeching. I heard a voice that made me jump and turned to where the sound seemed to come. It was harsh and bellowed at me with a dare: that I better not touch the window because It could break it if I did. I shut my eyes, covered them with both my hands. Then, I started to cry; screamed to the top of my voice...

Within a minute of two, my Dad, breathing hard and agitated, came running in. He must have been holding a large bat in his hands because when he stopped short beside me, I heard and felt the bat that he dropped by my chair. He seemed to be breathing hard, that I felt warm on my face.

"Donny, why are you screaming?"

I held on tight to his arms, afraid to open my eyes. I could not speak because I was trembling.

Dad shook me hard on both shoulders, then he huggedd me.

"Open your eyes," he said.

"Look at the window, Dad, there is something scary and ashy coming through," my voice shook.

"Stop it!" Dad commanded. "Just open your eyes!"

Slowly, bit by bit, I lifted my eyes to look at the window. To my dismay, there was nothing there at all. I looked again as I scrutinized every part of the open window.

"Bit... but I saw the creeping white, ashy hands that were coming toward my neck!"

"Well, look at the window again. What do yoou see?"

I honestly felt very stupied indeed when I looked at the open window again...

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