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Cracks in the ground... Gravity reversing...

         Okay, here's some background. I, 27 year old Cami Lammila, come from a planet called Xemos-752. I was sent to earth in a space craft after a great disaster. I was on the ship for roughly 10 years. That means I was around 16 when the cracks started to form. Here's how my story goes:


         "Bye, mom. I'll see you later!" I say as I run toward the rising suns. I stumble over a rock and fall on my stomach. As I get back into my feet, I see a small crack in the ground. I really think nothing of it. Cracks like these were common in our area. We lived in the middle of the dryest place on the planet, y'know. Well, that was my first mistake. First of many.
         "Cami! Come over to the Brentano Dunes!" My friend Raven shouts, "Something weird is happening!'
         I start dusting off my coveralls. "On my way, Ray, just give me a second." I begin springing towards Raven, but I get stuck halfway up the dune. Sand trap! How could I be so stupid, I think to myself. Another mistake. It wasn't a sand trap.
         "Alright what did you need to show me that was so importa-" I begin to trail off as I see over the dune. Giant pits had consumed the further dunes. I figure it is just the result of a caved-in mining operation; There are quite a few mines in the area. That was my third mistake. The last I'll point out for you. The others, well, just try and guess them.
         Raven begins crouching down, before blurting, "I don't think this is natural, Cami."
         "I can tell, Raven. I'm not that stupid!"
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