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A princess believed to have died at birth is sercetly taken away.
The Tears of Linisfare

Chapter One

.King Irat paced the length of the room nervously. He could hear the screams coming from the adjoining room as his wife struggled to give birth. Suddenly the screaming stopped, and a moment of serene quiet reigned. The King stood still, holding his breath and listening. The cry of an infant reached his ears. King Irat let himself breathe again with a long sigh of relief. He hoped for a son to be his heir. A daughter would only be a pawn in the cutthroat politics of his country. He would be forced to marry her off to one of the scheming lords. He felt sure they would have her murdered rather than let her become Queen. In all the long history of Linisfare, a woman has never been allowed to sit on the throne. Even his dear wife was not recognised as an equal. She had to sit several steps back from the throne on the side. Such was the bias and power of the so-called nobility. He was ashamed to admit he could do nothing to change things; he tried once and failed. As King, his powers were limited. He could only go so far before they would bring him down.

A knock on the door brought the King out of his revelry. One of the wet nurses attending the birth entered. King Irat regarded the nurse expectantly. “Is all well with the birth? The Queen and infant...”

The wet nurse bowed, looking tired and dishevelled. “Both the Queen and babe or fine, your majesty.”

The King held back his excitement, relieved to hear both mother and babe were well. “And...?”

“Congratulations on the birth of a new princess, Your Majesty.”

King Irat’s heart sank; he stepped back, stumbling and gasped. “No!”

The wet nurse gave a startled cry seeing the colour drain from the King’s face. “Majesty, are you unwell?

The King held a hand up, gathering himself. “I will be all right in a minute it has been a long day.”

The wet nurse relaxed a little. “Shall I fetch some medicine to calm you? Or do you want to first see the Queen and infant, your majesty?”

King Irat shook his head,” No need for medicine. I’m fine now. Tell the Queen I will be there shortly.”

The wet nurse bowed, “Very well, your majesty.” The wet nurse left looking tired and concerned about the King’s health.

King Irat stared out the arched window, his thoughts troubled. As he stared at the night sky, deciding what he should do. A new star appeared with an unusually coloured aura. The King wondered if this was an ominous omen. The light from the new star momentarily bathed the infant in the next room before waning until just another star among many in the heavens. The King left to see his wife and infant, still undecided. His wife, exhausted, lay asleep. He stared while at them the infant lay next to her. If he was to do anything, it would have to be now. King Irat gestured to the wet nurse taking her to one side and speaking quietly. “Take the infant while my wife sleeps and go as far away from here as possible. I will select trustworthy men to accompany you. I also will supply you with enough gold to live comfortably. Raise the child as your own and never return here. ”

The wet nurse looked aghast at the King. “Majesty I...”

“There is no time. Take the child and now. I will tell the Queen and everyone the child died while she slept.” The King handed the wet nurse the infant wrapped in a blanket. “Hideaway until I have made the necessary arrangements.”

The wet nurse, speechless, could only manage a nod. She understood why the King was doing this. “Still, it is too cruel.” She whispered to herself.

The Queen was inconsolable when she woke, and the castle was in an uproar. During this time, the King secretly found an infant that had recently died amongst the peasantry to replace the princess. He had the child buried quickly so no one could suspect. During three days of mourning, the King managed to have the wet nurse and infant leave with some of his most trusted men. In time, the Queen overcame her loss and gave birth to a healthy son.

Thirty years have passed...

Now King Irat’s son Misar sits on the throne of Linisfare. A delegation from the neighbouring country of Ulistony arrives at the castle. Tensions between the two countries have been strained for some time. So a mutually beneficial exchange of high-ranking nobles was agreed upon to ease tensions between the two nations.

Lady Joselyn surveyed the room assigned to her with a critical eye. It wasn’t as good as the room she had back home. At least it was reasonably appointed with most of the comforts she was used to. Joselyn sighed. She was in a strange land, not knowing anyone and knew little about how things worked here. The good thing was she insisted on taking Doran as her maid. At home, she had several maids to attend to her. However, she was only allowed one maid as part of her entourage. Joselyn had known Doran since childhood. They were close friends rather than a lady and maid. Joselyn sat heavily on the padded chair by the dressing table with a sigh of frustration. The door opened, and Joselyn instinctively knew it was Doran nobody else would enter without knocking first. She turned to face Doran, and a smile lit her porcelain-like features.

.Doran was the same height as Joselyn, with an unassuming appearance. Her long, flowing black hair was gathered in a ponytail and loosely held behind her neck with a clasp. She had green eyes, a small nose, and full red lips. The only notable thing about her was the silver streak in her hair, despite being still young. In comparison, Joselyn was elegantly dressed, her beauty evident to all with blue eyes and fair hair. “So, what have you found out so far, Dorry?” Joselyn asked.

Doran’s expression was unfathomable as she regarded Joselyn. “Not a lot as yet, Josie. It’s pretty much as we expected, though. The King is almost entirely powerless. The lords hold the most power, and most are corrupt.”

Joselyn nodded with a sigh, “They have thrown us to the wolves, Dorry. I can never forgive father for doing this to me.”

Doran’s expression changed to one of sympathy. “Don’t worry, my lady. I will protect you as always.”

Joselyn smiled as she took Doran’s hands, holding them close. “You always call me my lady when you become serious. I don’t know what I would do without you. I have to attend the ball this evening. Help me prepare, and I will also find something suitable for you to wear.”

“Maids aren't allowed at the ball, Josie.”

“To hell with that! You will attend as my confidant. Besides, you will be dressed like a lady. No one will suspect you of being otherwise, and you will be able to learn more about the situation we find ourselves in.”

Chapter Two

Joselyn attended the ball dressed in a long creamy white gown with a low-cut top revealing amble cleavage, long thrilly sleeves and silver shoes topped with a dainty bow. In comparison, Doran wore a long sky-blue dress with short sleeves and matching shoes. As Joselyn drew all the attention, Doran blended in and mingled with the crowd. Eventually, the King came to talk with Joselyn.

King Misar gave a slight bow as he came to face Joselyn. He held his ringed hand out for Joselyn. “Lady Joselyn, I trust you are settling in well, and your accommodations are suitable.”

Joselyn curtsied, taking the King’s hand and gently kissing it. “Thank you, your majesty, for asking. The rooms are comfortable, and I have settled in very well.”

The King gave a slow nod and then stared at Joselyn. “I thought I saw another lady accompany you when you entered?” He asked, looking around briefly.

“Ah, you must mean Dorry, your majesty.”


“Doran,” Joselyn paused and leaned in close raising a hand to her cheek to speak in a whispered voice. “Actually, she is my maid!”

The King stared speechless and bemused at Joselyn remaining silent for a moment, unsure if she was being serious or jesting.

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