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by maiah
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tjhis is a story of hw a girl takes her dog to the park and the dog gose missing
There once was a girl named Bella who was playing with her dog Lilly in the park, she through Lilly’s ball and it landed in a bush Lilly went to get it but did not come back so Bella waited for a couple of minutes then when Lilly did not come back, she went to go look for Lilly, after an hour she could not find her so she kept looking for Lilly by the time it was dark she had not found her so she had to go home and sleep so, she could look for Lilly the next day. When she went to the park the next morning, she thought that Lilly would be there waiting for her, but she was not there so she had to look again, and she did not find Lilly, so the next day Bella called the cops to report her missing dog the cops asked how old Lilly was, Bella told the cops that Lilly was 2 years old. They also asked Bella some, more important information. Bella
Answered their question. 3 weeks later she could not find Lilly.
So, Bella thought about giving up, but she decided to keep looking For Lilly. So every day Bella would go look for Lilly but she had no luck 5 months later Bella received the worst news of her life the cops told Bella that Lilly was hit by a car. Bella became sad and cold to every one she locked her self up in her room and cried for weeks and weeks 5 years later Bella has completely given up hope she is sad but little did she know she would find out something that would change her life forever.

Chapter 2
Bella was sad about Lilly’s death, so she decided to get a new dog when Bella got her dog she named her sally Bella wanted to give sally the best life ever so she took sally everywhere she went to the store, the mountains, to the gas station Bella had not taken sally to the park so one day Bella decided to take sally to the park
Bella went to pet smart to buy sally whatever she touched Bella
Spent over 100$ on toys for sally she had the best day of her life
But one day Bella started to through up she did not know what was wrong with her so Bella went to the hospital to get checked
Out just to make sure nothing was wrong with her it took a while
To find out but finally 3 hours Bella got the best news of her life Bella was going to have a baby she was so happy so she went home to tell sally but when she got home she opened the door only to find a big mess made by sally bella was so mad she passed out A couple minutes later she woke up.

Chapter 3
When she woke up she told sally the news 9 months later Kelly was born it hurt like hell as you could probably tell Bella was very Sleep deprived Bella loves Kelly 9 months later Kelly has been walking she has not said her first word yet but hey that is ok
Also Kelly went missing 9 years later bella was walking when she saw Kelly she waited to cross the road but then a dog came and started to kiss Kelly when she crossed the road Bella said “ hello my sweet daughter and who is this dog” then Bella finlley saw that the tag said lilly the who been waching over Kelly the time was the dog Bella had lost over 10 years ago.
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