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A collab poem for Poetry Pals with Jay
Life is short, from eternity's view;
Our focus often tends the former,
But we must also pursue
The latter, and with diligent order.

We start out as one single cell
and grow for nine months in a pool.
At birth, we have a cry to tell,
and choose to live as wise or fool.

We learn to walk and then to run,
A mad dash into one's life;
Choosing whether or not it's fun,
In our mind, there's endless strife.

Confused about the way to live,
we need Someone to save and heal.
Transforming lives is His to give,
to draw us into Life, that's real.

All He asks, that we believe,
Obey, and trust in Him;
Then His Blessings we'll receive,
And protection from all sin.

Once saved, the issue is all through.
Then saved we're His to fully make.
The doing's not what we could do,
but what He's done, our burden take.

"To live is Christ, to die is gain;"
The creed by which one lives;
Jesus' cause, to us is not in vain,
Our testimonies are His.

This life is small, we see beyond
unto the ever life not seen
by human eyes, but His Dear Bond
makes earthly life the one, that's gleaned.

Life is short, in eternity's eyes
No matter how long the years;
In readiness - we must be wise,
Else we'll find our end in tears.

I stand an understudy tree,
a-peering through the mist to find
Sequoias of Eternity,
the Hands of God, Salvation kind.

Green verses -Jay
Black verses - AmyJo

Prompt: Longevity
Team Name: Joy of Rhyme
Line Count: 40
Form of Poetry: Quatrains in Iambic meter

ABAB rhyme scheme.

2023 Quill Nominee. 2023 Quill Finalist
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