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The name has changed, but the concept hasn't: Some of the best reading I've encountered!
         I've never found widespread success as a writer. I do, however, love to read a short story with a bite, and I'm discovering that WdC is a place where a lot of those are shared. I have, in various places, implored the writers of WdC to thrill me, and presented here is a personal "rogue's gallery" of those who have done just that. These earned 5-star reviews and come highly recommended!

February Thrills

Broken Reality  (13+)
A Christmas ornament causes time to shift. (Planning to submit for 2024 holiday season.)
#2313196 by SherritheWriter

January Thrills

Switch  (13+)
Based on a Writer's Digest prompt: we had to write about a childhood object.
#2310283 by elizjohn

The Long Journey Home  (ASR)
Home is where the art is... Writer's Cramp winner!
#2305462 by Malister

Gonna Live until I Die!  (E)
Song I have been writing forever, trying to "fine tune" it, forgive the pun. also a poem.
#2303976 by Elby Wordsmith

Viva La Vida  (18+)
TW: Suicide. A young woman faces off her Doppelganger.
#2303530 by Amethyst Agape Angel

At the Bridge  (ASR)
Two people find themselves in the same situation (tw: suicide) 970 words
#2311446 by Amethyst Agape Angel

Adrift in the Aftermath  (13+)
Birthdays and violence really don't mix.
#2268661 by Elisa, Stik of Clubs


December Thrills

CHRISTMAS, 1965  (E)
The Christmas that changed all others.
#2265408 by SSpark

Sergeant Gus and the Day of Joy  (18+)
Faced with jeering protestors, a USMC Recruiter chooses the perfect response.
#2306384 by foxtale

For The [Supposed] Love of Dogs  (13+)
A typical day at a chaotic, laborious job.
#2298831 by Artful Flower

Eddie And Dave, On The Other Hand.  (18+)
Eddie's story.
#2294769 by Bruce.

November Thrills:

For the Love of a Class-Nine  (13+)
Scarlett discovers who the real hero is--and always was, before the upgrade.
#2301440 by Joto-Kai

The Monster Inside The Bottle  (18+)
A son ponders whether people will discover his father's dark past.
#2296222 by Artful Flower

Caress  (ASR)
The reality of dreams (Form: English Sonnet)
#1756248 by 🌕 HuntersMoon

Icarus  (ASR)
A brief piece about the boy who wanted to touch the sun.
#2265958 by LorenIsOneOfMyNames

Small Enough to Carry  (E)
A poem about growing up.
#2307944 by Olivia Fiorentino

Genifer  (13+)
Love isn't always real.
#2305851 by Words Whirling 'Round

October Thrills:

Sam Platte  (13+)
Three cowboys making their way across country run into trouble.
#2263909 by Daisan

Wolves Have Feelings Too  (E)
The 3 little pigs, from the wolf's perspective.
#2307129 by Eregnon

The Eyes of Chen Tuo  (13+)
The were sinister ... sadistic ... yet somehow alluring!
#2245808 by Seuzz

Wrong Duet  (E)
Melissa doesn't feel like her husband is listening to her about the new choir director.
#2306750 by lunamimots

Devil Doesn't Bargain  (13+)
A vampire visits his old flame
#2306551 by Amethyst Agape Angel

Stuffing my Heart into a Shoebox  (E)
Falling out of love is the same as falling in love--both not knowing where you are.
#2306496 by HHogg

An Alchemist Recipe  (13+)
An unscrupulous chemistry professor searching for riches.
#2292493 by Damon Nomad

A truck driver finds an empty cafe isn't really empty 1,413 words
#2286760 by hdarling

Detectives  (ASR)
It takes skill, patience and hard work to solve a deep mystery. 2nd Place, Journey Genres
#2293483 by THANKful Sonali LOVES DAD

Truth Will Out  (18+)
There's been enough death to last a lifetime, and here it lingers like a dark promise.
#2292109 by Victoria

September Thrills:

A Letter to God  (ASR)
based on a dream
#2195132 by K5Rakitan

The Voice On The Back Of The Wind  (13+)
At first, I'd only hear the wind--or the dog.
#2299336 by intuey

wearing my body  (13+)
a prose poem on the ownership of my own body
#2288920 by Charlie Carrol

Nunsense  (E)
A young priest and a nun join forces to rescue a young boy.
#2304803 by Allen Mitchell

Stained Lipstick  (13+)
I wrote this last October for my creative writing class. I hope you enjoy :)
#2304645 by A.C. Julie

Campfire Tale  (E)
A father-son camping trip goes off the rails
#2304375 by Allen Mitchell

Alive (Nightmare)  (18+)
Episode. pt 1- A man who's lost everything, walks a path toward vengeance...
#2304126 by Daniel Parker
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