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Being Out Of Time For A Being Out Of Time by Jinxie Tenma Prime.
"The Day", We Speak, The Language Of Time
No Sound, No Sight, Vibrations and Mime
We Are, One Message, Perpetual Loss
Lest Duty, In Mind, Remembers All Costs
We Bare, The Costs, To Speak Our Mind
We Sense, A Loss, We Seek Our Kind
A Being For A Being, Out Of Time

That Day, We Felt, The Flow Of Time
One Sound, One Sight, Vibrations and Mime
We Were, A Message, Perpetual Costs
Lest Duty, In Kind, Remembers All Loss
We Bear, A Cross, To Speak Our Kind
We Sense, The Lost, We Seek, We Find
A Being For A Being, Out Of Time

Those Days, We Seek, The Signs Of Time
A Sound, A Sight, Sensations, Sublime
They Were, The Message, Perpetual Force
Lest Duty, We Find, Remembers A Cause
We Bore, A Loss, To Seek, To Find
We Sense, The Loss, We Seek, Our Mind
A Being For A Being, Out Of Time

These Days, We See, The Ends Of Time
It Ends, With "Me", It Ends, With "Mine"
A Message, We Sent, Perpetual More
With Self, In Mind, Remember No War
We Bore, The Costs, From Days, Till Nights
We Sense, A Wrong, We Seek, Our Rights
A Being For A Being, Out Of Lights

A Day, We Seek, The Times, Before
No Sound, No Sight, Forever More
We Were, But One, Perpetual Mind
Remember Us, Oh Dear, Mankind
We Were, The Costs, To Speak Your Mind
We Were, The Loss, We Seek Your Kind
A Being For A Being, Out Of Time

Today, We Speak, We're Free, Of Time
We Sought, We Fought, A Simpler Mind
We Are, One Message, Right From The Start
With Duty, In Mind, Remember The Heart
Being "The Day", We're Out Of Time
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