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People use a mask for these viruses leaving the ears, eyes, and bare skin unprotected.
Bob and Julie watched as people were fast to get masks and screaming at those who would not wear one. They may have protected their nose and mouth, but they left their eyes, ears, and all uncovered flesh open to infection. Bob complied with the mask but Julie took things further by wearing a niqab and gloves. When male and female "Karens" saw them and tried to mock or ridicule them they merely pointed out that leaving the ears and eyes open to infection is just as bad.

Bob had a class some could attend where he spoke by common sense about viruses, germs, and uncovered skin. His reasoning was that if people feared a virus they should consider how open flesh was subject to infection as well as the mouth and nose. Bob would have Julie come in so he could demonstrate his reasoning.

Julie would come in wearing her jeans, shoes, socks, shirt, and mask.

Bob pointed out that Julie's flesh which was uncovered, her face above the mask, eyes, ears, as well as her arms, neck, and any other flesh exposed by movement could get infected. Bob explained that flesh covered by tight clothing, such as jeans, shirt sleeves, and such which one felt the air or wind go through the fabric could be infected as material touching the skin left no dead air space to stop the air or in this case, the germs and virus. With the rise in germs, people should be covered whenever they leave their houses.

Bob showed how the niqab covered the entire head, Julie's eyes, ears, nose, and all flesh to her shoulders, allowing a dead air space between her flesh and the material, her face and neck all protected, and her hair and head with multiple layers of Georgette. He showed how her abaya gave dead air space between the material and her body from her shoulders to her feet. While two layers of the Georgette eye veils would more than adequately protect her eyes, in her car she could draw them back to drive safely.

Bob spoke of how the burka would accomplish the same thing as the niqab and abaya with the only difference being the burka only having one eye veil which could protect adequately, even though two would be better.

Finally, Bob spoke about hands and how gloves should be worn at all times since there are even company visits in the house. Cotton and rubber would work for housework, satin would be lighter when in public or in the house when it has been cleaned.

In closing class, Bob had to tell them this attire would be great for both sexes and not just women as a virus or germs on surfaces do not discriminate who they will infect.

Julie took her turn to tell the class that the clothing shown was not too restrictive or hot. They gave freedom of movement, peace of mind, and protection from viruses and germs on surfaces transmitted by contact.
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