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How can people live to be 120 years old and still work as doctors promise?
Cardiologist Ernst von See is convinced that people will be able to live longer. In recent decades, medicine and science have made great strides that can also extend human life.

Renowned cardiologist Ernst von Shea caused a stir in the scientific community when he recently claimed that people could live to be 120 years old and still be productive.

Currently, human life expectancy is a complex indicator that can be influenced by a number of factors, including health, lifestyle, genetics, healthcare and socio-economic conditions. Throughout history, life expectancy has increased significantly due to advances in medicine, nutrition, and socioeconomic development.

Cardiologist Ernst von Schwarz believes that stem cell therapy could allow people to live up to 120 years in the next decade. PhD. Schwartz said stem cell research is at a tipping point and could lead to a new era of regenerative medicine in which the damage caused by aging can be reversed and reversed.

Experts say that medical advances are not the only way and opportunity to extend life, but they must also have a healthy lifestyle, including a healthy diet and regular physical activity. PhD. Schwartz also noted that age 30 is a critical age for health, as habits and lifestyle choices at this time can begin to significantly affect longevity and quality of life. Cardiologist Ernst von Schwarz says advances in stem cell therapy could usher in a new era of longevity in which living to 150 will become the norm.

Experts believe that these advances could allow people to live and work longer. Stem cells are "special cells" or "super cells" that can become any type of cell in the body. This makes them a promising development for treating and repairing damage to the body. The FDA is currently evaluating stem cell therapies, one of which has already been approved.

"Stem cells can repair arthritic knees, regrow hair and repair some brain damage. Unlike surgery, the injection takes less than half an hour and there is no recovery time. "said the expert.

He also added that this is just the beginning because: "Stem cell therapy is considered the most important discovery in modern medicine, perhaps more important than the discovery of penicillin or the discovery of the tuberculosis bacterium."
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