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When Tracker stepped away from her desk, Mango, one of her three cats wrote a quick entry.
Hi tracker's favorites and anyone else reading,

My name is Ron but Tracker calls me Mango. That was the name I was given when I was born. The family wanted to name the new kittens after Harry Potter characters. My fur looks red so they gave me Harry's best friend Ron's name. My sister is named Harry but again that was not her first name. She said she would explain that when she gets a chance to sneak on Tracker's keyboard and write an entry.

I am a very big cat and now a year and a half old. I like to sleep mostly. My family has set up an automatic feeder. I must wait until I hear the food drop into the feeding bowl before I can chow down. I do that so much that I continually have a weight problem. Part of that, though, is for me being partly a Maine coon cat. I have thick long fur with a thicker layer around my neck that makes me look like a lion.

When I am not sleeping or eating, I am chasing after my sister or the dog. The dog (Jack) came to live with us a year ago. He is no fun to play with. He runs to catch me and bat me around to show that he is the boss. That will never do. I am the alpha male of the house,

I was born with a heart murmur. I am not sure that is true because the veterinarian was not that nice. I was not sick or anything, yet I got shots for no reason that I know of. I had to go there twice and the same thing happened. I did get my nails trimmed which was kind of nice. I like to be pampered.

I hope you have a purrfectly marvelous day,

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