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by Jeff
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Making Dreams Come True entry for November 2023.

I was amazed when I got this message!

The above image from ruwth immediately makes me think back to my own time on the site during the same period. Based on Ruwth’s CR at the time (14!), I assume it was probably within a few years of when she first created her account in January 2009. That was right around the time I was starting to “come out of my shell” here at Writing.com as well.

I originally joined the site back in February 2003, but for a good five years I just kind of dabbled here and there. I created a few short stories and explored the site a bit, but I mostly kept to myself. 2008 was when I started to get actively involved in multiple areas of the site in earnest. I started entering contests and I joined a few groups to see what they were about. By 2010, I was running multiple contests and activities, and this period of time from 2008 to 2012 or so was probably my most productive on the site to date, at least from a writing standpoint.

By 2013, I had been promoted to Senior Moderator and was spending most of my time running activities and managing groups, helping Staff and other Moderators keep the site running efficiently, and doing a whole bunch of other administrative-type things. Around that time, my professional life also took off and I found myself with real responsibilities at work for the first time, which required more than just sitting in front of a computer in my own world.

While I don’t really have any regrets per se, I do miss the time period on the site that this image captures, which feels like the height of both the site’s dynamism and my own participation and writing efforts. I suppose part of me wishes I could go back or reclaim a part of that.


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