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by Ash
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A story I made in 6th grade that has potential that I will come back to later in my life.
The Chosen Five
Pen name : Ash

“Hi. My name is Kayla, and I don’t have much time. I’m sorry to say but, you're one of the five. Find the rest of them. Bring them together. Go to the park and you’ll find them. Be swift. Danger is coming. Trust your instincts, they won’t fail you. Don’t ever think you’re safe. Not for a second. That’s when they’ll come. You will learn more later. I wish you the best of luck, young one. Now go! Hurry! Save the world. Our kind depends on it. Find the rest of them!" *Tape ended

Hey! My name is Kayla. This is the story of how I met my four closest friends. We’re also known as “The Five''. The first thing I remember is that I was in a random house with this video tape in my hands. I put it in the TV that was coincidently in front of me. Then, I started to shrink and shrink until I was the size of an ant. I wandered around the place until I found a tiny crack in the floor. I realized that it wasn’t a crack, but a trapdoor. I lifted it up and found a tiny screen. I slowly creeped inside, closing the trapdoor behind me. The only light source was the light seeping in through the tiny crack of the trapdoor. Dust was covering the entire place. I saw a computer on a desk with a girl. I pressed play and it showed me that video, well except for the name. The girl said her name was Lyra Night. After that, I slowly creeped out. I walked for what seemed like forever, when suddenly, my hand shot out of my body and became huge. Then the same thing with my other arm, then my legs, head until I was completely grown back to my normal size. I walked around the house to see who dwelled in what appears to be an old cottage.

I walked around the house looking for any signs if anyone lived here, but it looked abandoned. Almost if the owners left without a trace. I shrugged and walked to the front door. After a couple yards of walking, I got an anonymous “Ding!”. I never seemed to notice the weight of a phone in my back pocket. I fished it out and saw a text. All it said was” Hurry up! Time is running out!”. There was no number or person, just a random text. I started to panic, and I suddenly didn’t want to be alone. I started to run when I realized I had no idea where I was going. I didn’t know where I was. It looked like a busy city. Busy, panicked people, lots of smoke and spindly towers. I scanned through the crowd trying to see if I could find “The rest of them”. But then I started to think of danger, our kind, rest of them? I was so confused. I sped forward hoping that running would maybe get my brain pumping. I heard a lot of “Hey’s!” and “Watch out!” but I didn’t stop to apologize. I just kept dashing forward until I saw the thing that changed my life. . .

Kind of pathetic when you think about it though. I saw 3 teenagers bullying a grandpa. He was putting all his weight on his walking stick attempting to get up, but the teenagers just kept pushing him down and laughing. When suddenly I got a flashback. I was in 1st grade and my mean teacher, Mr. Potteri started yelling at me. At recess, there were 3 second grade bullies making fun of me because I couldn’t do a thing. I felt so much rage. I used that emotion to push power through my legs and dashed across the street trying to stop the teenagers. All I remember is that I felt a gravitational pull through my fingers, and I could feel the 3 teenagers in my possession. I could control their every move. A smile creeped up onto my face without my acknowledgement. My thoughts were washed away and out my brain and all I could hear was a voice. My eyes were bloodshot red and full of pure madness and evil. I thought evil thoughts. It was a few minutes until I realized how cruel it was. So, I let all the energy I felt flow through me. The inner evil voice drowning out. I looked around to see if anyone saw what I just did but the city looked like a ghost town. No people were scrambling to get a taxi to get to work. No people at all. The smoke disappeared. I expected the teenagers to be running screaming with their arms over their heads yelling “Someone call the cops!” or “Help me, there’s a psychopath!”. But instead, after a long moment of silence, they all started clapping. The 3 teenagers and grandpa.

I was probably the most confused person in the whole world. Then the old grandpa stood up with no problem without his cane. After that, the grandpa said with a teenage voice, “Great job, you're a pretty powerful girl for a new person! A lot of our kind don’t pass, and they lose their ability. But it also shows us that they are not truly one of us”. My mind just broke. That guy just said our kind and powers just like Lyra did. It was like solving a puzzle but you’re wearing a straitjacket. I must have been making a face because one of the teenagers in the back started softly chuckling. But that wasn’t the case. “Heh!” he spoke. He was wearing red shorts and a green shirt with a Christmas tree. Literally looking like Christmas threw up. He had brown eyes and a Santa’s elf kind of look. “I know what you’re thinking. Sort of, in a way.” he says, his voice trailing off. I said the only thing my mind and mouth allows me to say, “Huh?”.

The guy or person disguised as the grandpa came and said, “Well, there’s no easy way to say this but . . .”. After a minute or two he finally said, “we’re supernatural beings with superpowers and have had many and I mean many people trying to come kill us because we're not necessarily their favorite people. But us five are supposed to be like part of a great prophecy and all that but yeah but now there's apparently supposed to be more people part of our group and even more people want us dead. But everything is really complicated and weird that I'm not even sure I got it, got it?”. At first, I started to laugh hysterically because I thought this was some kind of prank. But then I started laughing harder because I thought that I'm slowly going insane and hysterical. But when I looked at them, they all looked dead serious. I then asked “Well why should I trust you? How do I know you’re not kidding around?”. They all anxiously looked at each other almost as if they were talking to each other in their mind. Then, they all nod their head at the exact same time. Then one at a time, they started to control 4 elements. The grandpa pulled a piece of the ground and made a tiny rock guy. Christmas boy pulled water from the air moisture and started moving it over his head. The girl in the back caught her hands ablaze and pushed it up to make a fire dragon. Finally, the last boy in the back made a tiny tornado then made it huge just in a single hand.

My life was really complicated. I didn’t understand. I couldn’t believe my own eyes. They were controlling elements! The guy disguised as the grandpa revealed his true form. He was a teenager. He was wearing a blue tie-dye shirt and blue jeans. He had sea green eyes and was taller than I suspected. “My name is Theo,” he says. He points to Christmas boy, “that’s Liam,”. Then pointed to the girl in the middle back. She was wearing a black T-shirt with pink straps and green cargo pants. She kept twiddling her fingers. Either she was naturally hyper, or she has 10 spoonfuls of sugar every day for every meal. “she's Mackenzie,” Finally, he pointed to the last boy. He had piercing black eyes, and he was wearing a light blue shirt with tan shorts. He seemed like a mellow guy but also really strict. “And that’s Tyrone.”. I turned to face Liam and I asked, “how did you know what I was thinking?”.

He seemed a little startled when I asked him. Then, he finally said “We all have powers. Well, we all have two powers. I control water and uhm, I make things. Tyrone controls air and can control people. Theo controls the earth and can transform. Mackenzie can...can, she can...” “I control fire and I can vanish. Better than your useless powers!” she snaps at Liam. “Well, I apologize. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings oh great magical one.” he says sarcastically while bowing dramatically. “At least I didn’t accidentally electrocute myself when trying to build something and accidently using both my powers at the same time.” she spits right in his face. “Make. My. Day” he says slowly while walking face to face with her. Luckily, Theo steps in and stops them. Before anyone could say or move, multiple people in dark cloaks came. We all looked for a way out, but they surrounded us.

When I saw everyone fighting, you guys can expect what I would do. Really? You think I would help them fight? Of course . . . I didn’t. I was terrified for my life. I just concentrated on pretending to be erased from there. I looked down and found myself invisible. I tried looking at my invisible hands. I could feel physically feel myself but not see. I thought about hiding in the corner the whole time, but then, there was a guy behind Theo. I thought about what Lyra said and I trusted my instincts. I felt all my pain just slip away from me. It felt similar to when I was controlling Tyrone, Liam and Mackenzie. The guy behind Theo clutched his head. I started celebrating until a dark cloaked figure came from behind and pinned my arms behind me. “I got one!” exclaimed the dark cloaked figure in a kid voice. I wondered if the person behind me was like Theo, a person who can transform. I judged by my angle that I was in the right spot. I tumbled over and the kid and I toppled down the hill.

He let go the second I fell back and that sent him rolling down the hill. Before I could recover and climb back up the hill, there was a force so strong that it knocked me over toppling down the hill. I was able to stop but not in time when Tyrone tumbled over me sending both of us rolling. We both met the same fate. Tumbling and rolling down. When we both stopped rolling, I hear a loud THUNK. My vision goes dark, I open my eyes and all I hear is a ringing sound. My vision blurry with white spots fluttering in my eyes. My head felt like it was cracked open. I tried moving but a sharp pain in my neck shocks me and my entire body ached. I couldn't even move, much less keep my eyes open and process what was happening. My visions start to darken. My eyelids go heavy as if there was weights on them. I do the only thing I can, I close my eyes. Then, I hear my name being called. I opened my eyes to see that Tyrone was gone and 3 people in dark cloaks surround me. After that, I blacked out.

When I woke up, I saw 4 faces. I assumed that it was all just a dream and I overslept. But their faces cleared, it was Liam, Theo, Mackenzie and Tyrone. I didn’t know where I was but all I knew is that I was lost, life didn’t make sense to me and I was confused. I tried to open my eyes fully but my heads was spinning with the blinding light over me. I couldn't tell where I was or if anyone else was injured. The room seemed blue and was filled with medical supplies. Was I in a hospital? Was Tyrone, Theo, Mackenzie and Liam my friends? I had so many questions with no answers. I was so confused. . .

To be continued...

Note: Hello to whoever reading this. This is a short story I made in 6th grade, and I see so many mistakes and things I can improve but I have no motivation at all at the moment. I might post another edited version to my current writing skill. Please don't send me hate for this is only my second post. I've made more chapters but decided to stop because I didn't see real potential in this. If you guys could send me feedback and if y'all like this story, maybe I could edit it and post a second chapter. Once again, I see at least 100 errors and so much more. Please don't send me hate even though I know I deserve it. If I get enough feedback, maybe I'll edit it and post more. Thank you for reading this even when you didn't have to.
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