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by Kallie
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Introversion can lead to loneliness...that can lead to serenity
We are the non-spoken few
Most times we do not have much to say out loud
But the conversations that happen inside are more vast than one could hope to predict
Endless battles of wars rage on for eons and as long as it takes
Until the deed is done
And just when you think that you have won, it reminds you that we have only begun
That you have many more steps to go in front of you until you reach your destination that is your sanity
And yet, that sanity comes from the uneasiness of the insanity that we almost forget which is the one that we should hold onto
And which one that we may let go of permanently never to be seen again
Most of us like to hold onto both as a way of comfort, that we may not let go of the one we don't want to
In the hopes that holding onto both can bring some sort of balance to this mental soundness
For now, it rocks like the seesaw that it is between the borderline of stability and struggling
Until the floor breaks beneath us and then we find our true selves while we fall
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