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by Kallie
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A message to the one thing that may hold us back from life
Dear anxiety,
Breathe in as I attempt to breathe you out
Release these words as I try to shout...instead, I am noiseless, what is my mind thinking about
Don't eat much, maybe we're on a diet
Don't talk much, why are we so quiet
Observe the racing of this beating heart
Watch as these eyes begin to surely dart
Feel the sense of a hidden threat
Something now smells as we really sweat
Half of the time you are in my head
While the other half wishes I was dead
What is your endgame here, why did you make us like this
If you were gone, you would certainly not be missed
I don't talk a lot as I feel I would interrupt
Others might get annoyed or simply erupt
People ask us how we are doing, we tell them we are healing
But something is wrong, we're getting that sinking feeling
Here we go again...that feeling of a racing heart
In a downward spiral now...slowly falling apart
Everyone is going to bed as the day is now done
But you left me in a corner
A broken one
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