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by Ash
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A brief paragraph of a story I'm currently writing. I'm honestly bored and want to post.
Welcome to HECK

All my life has been a lie. Everything I’ve ever learned up to this point, a lie. Not a single person I can trust. Not even Dr. Phentry. I thought I could trust people, but it just turns out I can’t. Every person I've ever known, is either dead or betrayed me. No one can be trusted. Because who knows, it might even be the person behind you, next to you or even the person who you're the closest with. The person who you thought you could trust. The person who ended up stabbing you in the back is the mastermind behind it all. Waiting for the right moment to turn against you. I’m not even gonna bother to tell you my name, not like it's important anyway. You're just gonna leave and betray me just like everyone else has. At this point, who in the world is there to even trust? Just me writing this is putting me at risk. My family, friends, companions, literally everyone in my life who ever mattered to me is gone. No one’s here for me. In this world, there’s no one left. Nobody cares. Everyone wants me dead, gone or experimented on. That’s why I’ve been on the run since the moment that place was gone. There was no looking back. No teary goodbyes, just running for what felt like eternity. My legs were tired, lungs were burning every step I took, I didn't know where I was going. But I was sure not staying back there.

Pen name: Ash

Hi there! This is Ash speaking, well typing. I just wanted to say thank you for clicking on my story and reading it. If you could give me feedback on my writing that would be great. This is a small paragraph of a current story that I'm writing. HECK is an abbreviation (I think that's what it's called?). I'm not gonna post what it's called yet, since I'm still new to this website. I'm not really sure about my story. It's really bad and kind of weird. I'm kind of bored right now and want to type so I'm gonna tell you how I got the title name. If you don't want to read, that's fine, but thank you once again for reading my paragraph. It means a lot when I write something, and people actually look into it and appreciate it. As a 12–17-year-old, this makes me really happy. Anyways, I was at home reading a book. My little sister came in family where I was and turned on the TV. Me personally am fine with background noise, even though she could have used the living room TV. I'm not mad, I'm a type of person to enjoy company when they're not talking to me. We can enjoy each other's presences. That's only sometimes though. I'm an omnivert. Not omnivore(yes I am a omnivore), omnivert. Most people know extrovert, introvert and ambivert. But most people don't know omnivert. I'm too lazy so please look it up to see what it means. Sorry I'm really off topic, my ADHD is acting up. Anyways, she looks at me and notices me reading. She puts on a devil smile, and I notice it from my peripheral vision. All you need to know is that when she smiles like that, nothing good is bound to happen.
Warning : If you like Cocomelon, please leave. Or if you do not like people giving bad reviews to shows, please leave
So I'm peacefully reading on the couch and she puts on volume 100, a show I highly highly, dislike. I'm so sorry but I don't enjoy listening to Cocomelon. She turns to me and I full on give her the glare of the century. Like you could see my disappointment. Anyways, me and my sister love to act out scenarios. So I rush off the couch and reach for a pencil and "stab" her. Then she acts like one of her OC's. She has powers, just a by the way. We have a duel, a rather unfair duel I would say. For I easily won. She acts out her dramatic death.I grab a piece of paper and say, "Hello ma'am. Welcome to the Underworld." "Wait, you mean HEAVEN right?" she innocently asks. "What? No. Why would you go there?" I say.(I'm just joking, I love my sister. Do I though...) "No silly. I mean my OC's home. Home to Everyone Across Vast Ecosystems, (No I'm just kidding, the place is mine)". Then I jokingly said, "Oh yeah. Here let's see where you rightfully belong. Aah. Welcome to Heck." By the way, no story isn't about the underworld. No my story doesn't include HEAVEN. No I don't like my sister(Cut that). Anyways, I wrote absolute mumbo jumbo that no one will read. But if you found this, kudos to you. Know that of more than 7 billion(I think) people on earth, you found this. Most of this writing is my ADHD on so if it doesn't make sense, tell me please. Anyways, I overstayed my welcome.
This is me signing off,
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