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by Val
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The practice of autonomy in the triad of productivity, creativity, and social time.
Autonomy: A dynamic model of Creation, Production, and Socialization

         Sometimes when nothing in the world can interest one or there is nobody left to console the sorrows and misfortunes, creation such as writing words and observing the spaces between words and letters enrapture our sombrest and dullest evenings with a vale of happiness. This ability to transform one's own sorrows into pure joy through creation is intelligence and verily it resembles lightning a fire in our cold nights. At the end of a social life, and any other pretentious aspects of life, we reach a state of being where creation happens. This arrival to such a state of being and creating is what moves us forward from unnecessary day-to-day sadnesses, activities, burdens of life towards divinity, sublimity, and true happiness.Whereby exists unconditional love, balance, and tranquility. Like a writer's pen that moves forward and leaves behind words; one after another, or like a walker whose each step ahead leaves the previous step behind, one leaves many things behind to achieve sublimity. A quality which has been achieved through all spiritual routes. Especially, on the way to transcendence, enlightenment, wisdom, and self-discovery, an individual leaves greed, jealousy, expectation, and any other attachment to the physical world. Leaving everything behind just to taste the joy of truth -that is who we really are? How can we live optimally happily both alone and with others? Of course artists are creators, but the question is what really is in creation for which we leave almost everything behind, to the extent of sacrifice and total generosity.
                   Creativity is a way to cure post traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) too. Creativity such as writing gives the strength and courage to take away any unhealthy memory from mind -that is specifically traumatic memories which takes billions of people's peace of mind away. The people who cause inhumane activities in opposition to godly creators are those who let society-people live in their heads. When one allows society people get into one's head, it causes clouds of confusion around the precious mind and smokes of emotion around one's pure heart .
          A friend used to question me why he was restless often?
Well the truth is that there is no specific blame party, at least so I believe. Same goes to why political tensions lead to nasty wars all over the world whose logic is inexplicable. Fortunately, there is still hope to see some aware loved-ones who do not allow the mind-clouds and emotional clouds make life miserable. Of course it is often society that makes life miserable. That is why all of our friends must be aware of the power that controls the societies as well as the economy and political rooses they plot on mother earth or human-habitants. More than any awareness for maintaining an ideal day-to-day life is accepting the truth that the annoying thoughts and cloud of emotions are not real. It is just the muddy flood that blinds the fish so the higher powers hunt well. However, there is a truth that beyond thoughts, emotions, and the worldly games here yet exists a stillness, tranquility, and elegance: intact and infallible. For example, at this mere moment that you are reading along, there is a stillness inside you. What causes it? Your own voice from inside. Only you can hear it. These words are just a conductor upon which the current of your voice reaches your brain from inside. It is okay that perception of letters are afferent corporal senses sent to the brain, but what is inexpressible is that not always your inner voice remains the center of calmness and tranquility. Right now as you are reading along, you can feel a superimposition of your voice in the center of yourself. It is a fragile secret. It is not like the natural sciences such physics to measure the frequency or amplitude of this pure unique voice that you are gifted. In creation too, this voice is that tranquilizes singers, writers, painters -whatever you call it. This can be disturbed if you do not know how to get back because society and productivity is involved.
         As soon as society disturbs, again the mind-clouds and emotional smug gathers around the real self who is calm, cool, and serene. Then you say what nonsense, why should I not read my school books instead of reading this crap. Now you have become split again. Conditioned between either your voice or others' voice. Either continue reading this truth or study school-books, or work on the computer to make money? Or should I not make my mind busy with the flashbacks of the traumatic experiences.
As soon as such questions arise, just be aware how it impacts tranquility. Such questions interfere with the true voice with which we simply are tranquil. Once this pure voice gets mixed with the questions, confusion arises, procrastination arises, and worst of all mischievous behaviour arises which can make life a vale of misery. Here, you are diving into the true voice that you sing to yourself. There, thoughts drive you in stormy streets of confusion and even tearful eyes of indecisiveness. Here, it is simply you. Alone and tranquil.
         On the one hand, your family is expecting A+ in all courses you are taking. You like to sing and dance, but there is no good in it the guardians say. Amidst this confusion, you are puzzled and go on social media, school-books, or social hobbies which sometimes can take one far from one's own pure voice. Some people look down on you for not being wealthy, or envy what you have. Among all those activities, you lose the quiet voice -the unique voice that cannot be heard from others. It is as soothing a voice as a piano note that guarantees connection from inside with the whole cosmos. Hence maintaining a moment of joy in those of us who are aware of such unity between piano-pianist, and the whole cosmos. Never this voice judges you. It just is. Some people may tell you: "You are scaring people with the smell of that weed pipe." You notice that weed-pipes are to blame yet they are innocent like a child. However, as soon as you hear this from someone other than your own voice, your tranquility is not the same. It loses its sharpness and clarity. It is the storms that spread thoughts and emotional-clouds around your true self. Such is how society limits your freedom by making you think and get emotionally hurt. When freedom fades away, there forms a sad emotional response in heart and a heavy sad rain descends. When there is war in families, our hearts break like the ashes or cigarettes.
         Now that you have come to my site to know the truth, let me tell you that your own voice is the source of messages that come from beyond. There is an answer for everything in it, but societies and political leaders are partly devil-spirited who do not want people to be in peace with their own voice. Thoughts and emotions are obstacles for the true self and your true voice to manifest. The loud mind and emotional reactions are the bulged out anger in a throat that does not allow you to express yourself. This is the truth . "I" "You" "They" are just words. The point is to optimally and totally be in that state of being which nothing can disturb you. In terms of eastern philosophers, the point is to totally not be on the outside, and to be totally connected with your own precious voice. The voice that has the characteristics of purity, holiness, and the song of birds, and the shores where waves constantly call some mysterious names and messages undeciphered. Same concept applies to those people who are partially excited. As excitement falls back to boredom, self falls in society. The truth is that laxation and stillness are permanent and real. The rest are just momentary winds that go right to left between man-made spectrums, like lab-rats. Always, the thought-clouds and heart mist creates doubt and confusion. And when in doubt; as Al Pacino puts it, "fuck". In the movie Scent of a woman, Al Pacino says." Remember, when in doubt, FUCK." It is a meaningful statement. Doubt is a condition where one is caught between either and or. And at such times we better take a spiritual jump. And take a walk, or a nap, or something that is neither 'either' nor 'or'.

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