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by Kallie
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The path we take, is the journey that we create
This path we take
Will be no mistake
We'll walk this path until we succumb to paralysis
Well...at least that's one analysis
We will walk until life runs dry
Hoping that in the end we answered all our own questions and all of our whys
Why we did the things we chose
No one knows, it's how life goes
It remains a mystery to this day on how it works
The ins and outs, its misshapen-form and quirks
How it all comes together when it seems to fall apart
How it manages to piece itself again so we know where to start
The ending...we'll choose that for ourselves
So that others can read about it one day when they pick it off the shelves
They'll remember about what they saw in us
The journey we took, the memories they'll be able to discuss
So in the end
They'll be able to reminisce about the life we dispersed
But to get there...
...there is a path that we must attend to first
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