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more than food, reproduction, and luxury, just sleeping and sleeping in their dark caves


Most of us wake up in the morning, take a bath, take breakfast, go to work, come back in the evening, sleep and there is another new day. We never see this as a big deal whether it is good for us or not. The fact is that we are in our comfort zone and we don't like change. Welcome, today, my name is Mr. Shilenje and together we are going to discuss the shortcoming of our cycles in life. The only thing that differentiates us from animals is that we are made in the image and likeness of our God. But most of what we do ignorantly are related to animals. Tell me about the routine of a hyena. The hyena sleeps all day only to wake up in the night to go in search of dead animals. There is nothing more that the hyena thinks more than food, reproduction, and luxury, just sleeping and sleeping in their dark caves. Now if you're a man who does not take care of your spirituality, you are like the hyena. Your desire is food, a good family, and luxury. Remember one thing though, the hyena eventually dies, and its dead body rots and decays in the jungle. Since man has been created in the image of God, when he does not break the cycle of life and continues living like a hyena without spirituality, when he dies, the same thing happens to him. The spirit is released to the world of the dead and the body rots. In the spiritual dead, we have hell. Probably you already know who is the king of hell. The problem with hell is that there is no food and the family you used to care about. Neither is there any luxury.

There was a time I used to wake up in the morning and I would make sure I had attended to the responsibilities my parents had left me. This could take only three hours. After that, I would prepare a nice meal, and eat, I would sink into the world of movies and series. I would watch movies till it was dark. Sometimes I would forget to eat my dinner. I would sleep the next day at around 2 am and wake the same day at around 8 am. This was a cycle that went on for around one and a half years. Do you know why I did that? I termed my actions of watching movies as justifiable. I had finished my diploma studies and I was unemployed. I had applied for different jobs one hundred and three times without a lack. What was I now supposed to do at home? I didn't have money, I couldn't move around, enjoying life, what else could I do? Thanks be to God; I knew him earlier. The life of parting or clubbing and fornications were not my thing. So, I could tell myself, to avoid all these things, let me watch movies. To avoid thinking too much about my life, then I get stressed and depressed, better I watch movies.

I think you know what happened to me. For one and a half years I was stagnant in my life. I was useless. After that, I consulted with my lord Jesus, and he gave a good answer to me. There is a verse in the holy bible that says, "For I know the thoughts I Have for you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you an expected end." Jeremiah 29: 11. I said to myself, what do I expect towards the end of my life? I answered myself, I don't want to come to an end. I want my success to be forever. But how am I going to achieve this? I answered myself again, I need a plan. How then can I plan for my life? I can plan my life according to my purpose in life. What is my purpose? To do the will of God. And what is the will of God? Genesis 1:27-28, "And God blessed them, and said to them, be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moves upon the earth." After all of this, I realized that there was much that I hadn't done. I was stagnant. This is why I tell you now that the greatest obstacle that brings cycles in our lives is a lack of purpose. When you lack a specific purpose in your life, you just live to see tomorrow.

Now I have just used some of my experience to show you what a cycle means, but there are a lot of examples starting with our employment life. Most people say when they are kids that when they grow up, I would like to be, fill in yours. And people pursue their dreams through studies and eventually employment. When you get employed, you reach paradise. You spent all your life employed, fulfilling the dreams of your employer. You stay in the cycle as long as you can access food, luxury, and family. But is that your real purpose in life? Some people are underpaid yet they stay in that employment till retire. The purpose of God is that you may grow. That you may reach your potential end. But if God has promised us eternal life, what can be our end? Our beginning and our end are in the lord Jesus. You seek an everlasting purpose. What is that, which you are doing that cannot be forgotten when you die? What is that purpose that will be remembered when you reach the spiritual world? What will the heavens remember about you when you transition from a human being into a spiritual being? If your purpose or whatever you call it, be it a dream does not have that, you are in a cycle.

When God gives your life, he gives you purpose. The problem with us as humans is that we don't want to pursue our purposes. Most of us pursue our purposes like hyenas who do not involve God. We need to be attached to the lord Jesus so that he helps us understand our purposes. After all, he is the one who created us exclusively because of a certain purpose. When we understand our purpose, we can then plan for our future. After we plan for our future, we can commit our plans to God and he will establish them. proverbs 16:3. "Commit your works unto the lord and your thoughts shall be established." I know some people are probably cursing me right now for telling them the truth. If your desire in life has been food, family, and luxury, my friend, you are in a cycle like a hyena. God created us in his likeness. God is a creator. Where is your creation? What else is going to be forever too in your life? When you help someone in life, it is a deed that lives forever. When you serve God, it is a service that is established forever. When you do the will of God, it is a will that is established forever. If you want to break the cycle of life and live a purpose-driven life, you need to accept Christ. Everything in your life must include God.

A cycle is something that makes you comfortable. It makes you comfortable in a way that you can't risk in your life. You had a dream to continue with education but you said there are no school fees. Even if I enrolled and graduated the unemployment rate is high, just excuses. I am not good with business. I can not start up my business. It will eventually fail. I can't resign from my job life is too difficult outside. I will not be able to secure another job. When will you learn to risk? You are comfortable with your stagnant cycle, yet you claim to be successful in life. The main aim of risk is that you have faith in God. You have put your trust in your God. It is like you are telling God that I don't know what is next but am making a step. I believe that you have some plans for me. People spent all their life-fighting in marriages. When you ask them why not separate, oh, you know am just here because of my children. So what? Will you not just fulfill your purpose in life because you have children tying you to a toxic marriage?

I know everyone has a decision to make in life, whether to believe in Jesus or not. God is merciful enough to help you fulfill your purpose. The only problem is that your purpose may be stolen from you by dark forces. God won't just pop into your life like a dictator and decide what is good for you. God won't just jump in to help whenever you are in trouble. There are limits that God sets for those who have not chosen him. Remember also about your purpose being remembered in heaven and earth. Imagine how it will be shameful for you to be remembered in heaven and earth in your absence. He was a kind and generous man who helped the needy. He even took others to school. He was a good husband who made his marriage live happily. But unfortunately, he did not make it. He is not here with us today. How painful and shameful will that be? If today you choose Christ and put him in charge of your purpose you shall succeed surely. Surely you shall succeed. It will be not in the past tense; it will be in the present tense. Someone will say in heaven, see, this is the man who gave me access to education. He is the reason I am here now. He was a good husband to me that is why all my family is here with us today.

So don't boast around in our cycle about how you have succeeded to secure a big company. That company will be forgotten just as you will be forgotten while decaying. Break your cycle today and find a purpose in life. Find a reason why someone like you in the first place was given the privilege to live. Why do you think you are still alive and most of your agemates all over the world did not make it to ten years? Romans 10:13, "For whoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved."

By Mudogo Shilenje

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