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The eldest of my three cats speaks.
Hello Friends of tracker,

My name is Ethan. I am one of tracker’s cats, the alpha male to be exact. I was born at a nice lady’s house. She worked all day and took care of me and my three sisters until we were four weeks old. But she could not afford to keep us and gave us to a veterinarian friend, Samantha, who kept us another week before putting us up for adoption. I hoped to get a nice family.

Samantha had a friend who happened to be tracker’s granddaughter. Sam told Cathy about the kittens. Her mom was looking for a therapy cat for her autistic brother. Not long after, my fur mom came to get me. Samantha kept us at her home alone each day. She was not very interested in us. We didn’t play much and I was very depressed. I am not blaming Samantha that she did not tell my fur mom that I was six weeks old not my actual four weeks because, quite frankly, she wanted to get rid of us. Really, I heard her say that.

I was already given a name which I forgot since I was too little. My forever fur mom came and looked at me. She wanted a girl kitty but I put on the loving and purring until she could not resist taking me. When I arrived at Cathy’s house I was immediately placed in the arms of Little L who cuddled and kissed me until I honestly was practically smothered. He announced to the family I would be called Ethan. I think it is a very distinguished name that fits me.

Soon, I was allowed to run around the whole house to get to know my new environment. Gosh! This house is huge with lots of nooks and crannies to hide in when I want a restful, uninterrupted sleep. Don’t tell tracker my favorite place is behind the TV console.

I have to go now. Time for my first afternoon nap. I will tell you about the day Harry and Mango arrived next time.

Love from Ethan

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