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Our ending and beginning are all within ourselves.
Primal life to primal life.
We are who we are.
Changes to changes.
Unending to unending.

We are truthful to ourselves but are not.
We hate and love in the same breath.
We live and grow or wither and die.
All in the same direction as the wind.

Fighting or caressing the world.
At the same moment, we destroy and build.
Scaring ourselves and healing the future.
The future becomes the past and reverses.

Learning from the past but not changing the future.
Regressing towards the past while trying to live in the future.
The world becomes afraid of itself.
Terror comes to the forefront and directs our lives.

But we live on.
Turning around like the future and the past.
But we live on.
Marching forward and back in the same motion, but we live on.

Quill 2024 Nominee
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