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Stories of ancient gods based on mythology

I tell this, in tales of yore
the mortal daughter of Irra
existing in Akkadian fields
was set upon by villains
torn and struck she fell supine
silent screams of spilled blood
reached her father in slumber
with his consort Mami

Roar his rank upon the sky
screams of righteous rage
ripped the tormented firmament
swirled in grey the tapestry
of life within the glory
of created existence
trembled and pulse
in terrified horror

Irra in fury rode again
God of all gods of pestilence
with his seven generals
sought he hard the men
who shattered his child
his beloved only mortal child
the slayers shall be hounded
without sanctuary

Upon the land of the wicked men
he ran his legions close to earth
fire from swords forged
with sulphur and brimstone
coldness from the wells
of famine and hunger
he seeded and sowed the land
relentless in his rage

His screams of anger
thundered in the sky
his relentless fury
birth cracking lightning
the sea trembled and tossed
the land cracked and rumbled
nothing was left standing
Irra’s fury was complete

Untill at last the Eastern Prince
calmed the land with His Love
his promises and Atonement
to give His Life for the sins
of man who killed
and plundered
without shame
turbulence rested.
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