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Evidence Of Gods Presence, Detailed Facts Within The Existence Of God. Written By Adam S
“It’s Much More Logical To Believe In The Beginning “God Created”. Than To Believe That In The Beginning “Nothing Created” - Adam Schimp

Before Creation, there was nothing, there were no particles, energy, or atoms. Time, space, and matter were not a thing, Time, space, and matter are a continuum meaning one cannot exist without the other. “if there is time and matter but no space, where would you put it? If there is space and matter but no time, when would you put it?” None of these existed before the universe was created. Before Creation There Was Nothing. How did nothing arise into vivid complexity, and arrangement? The odds for a microscopic life form to evolve without a creator at just the right way to even become one of the life forms we see today is similar to “A tornado going through a junkyard, and leaving behind a fully operational Boeing 747.

The definition of "Higher Power" and God, come into direct correlation. A higher power meaning something supernatural beyond our comprehension created the universe, this ties directly into the definition of "God". God is a supernatural entity beyond our comprehension, beyond space, time, and matter. and beyond what our human minds can comprehend. God is not a singular being, nor a male, or female, God cannot be explained. This comes into a direct correlation with a higher power. If you believe in a higher power, you believe in a God, First of all I would like you to observe the complexity, and beauty that earth, and the universe has. If you have ever been to a park, or any place with nature, and scenery. You know it portrays beauty, and complexity Just look at a flower or a tree, or a puppy, but this time really observe how complex and miraculous the design is, and do you really believe all of this came from nothing?

I have observed nature, the beauty of human faces, and the differences between male and female, I have observed how food tastes good, or how a flower grows, and the complexity, and beauty of how each individual thing exists. But most importantly I have observed Life. Atheist's believe "Life" somehow managed to just appear out of thin air, out of nothing with no cause, How was life created? Life cannot come from non-life so how does life exist in the first place, I find it amazing how we are alive, and able to love, speak, feel jealousy, envy, pride, and be conscious and aware.

Just look at a puppy, a kitten, or a forest, these things and the way they were designed show proof of a Creator.

A Painter Of A Painting May Have Died 1000 Years Ago But We Know The Painter Existed Because The Painting Is Still There, for a painter to create a painting the painter must have a sense of beauty to create it. just as an animal like a squirrel is not capable of creating something like a painting because it lacks a sense of beauty.

A Painting is evident of a Painter. A Creation is evident of a creator

Beauty has to be known to be created, beauty cannot exist without another force creating that element. Believing beauty exists without a creator is defying basic logic with the fact that if for something like beauty to exist, something else has to know it to create it.

There is no chance that this world, with the creatures that live within it, arose from nothing, Its Impossible. Earth has a creator, and to create a beautiful intelligent world the creator obviously has to be intelligent, and conscious, If God is an intelligent God and made Human Beings specifically to thrive in this world, wouldn't it make sense for this God to have some sort of communication with his creation, or something for the creation to know how they were created. Such as the "Bible" It makes sense for the creator to have some sort of way to reach his creation, and have his creation acknowledge his presence, something like "The Bible" would make sense for the creator to reach his creation". You may say "The Bible Is All Lies", or "Jesus Never Existed, For this to be true we would need to be talking about a "Worldwide Systematic Lie" in which within the bible when the first book was written "That Person Would Have To Lie" and than every hundred some years the previous liar would need to convince a new person to lie about the scriptures written in the Bible, and then on and then on going on for "Thousands of Years".

If this were true there would be cracks, crevices, and holes within the scriptures, and within the thousands of years that the bible was written they would need to convince someone new to lie, and somehow make thousands of people believe in something that never happened, or has no evidence surrounding the lie they told,"If a guy you knew told you that he saw his friend Jacob, and Owen, levitate and start walking on water, but he has no evidence and does not have any friends named Jacob, and Owen, would you believe him?

Eventually if the Bible was just one systematic lie, it would eventually come out that the scriptures are a lie because there would be no evidence surrounding the scriptures.

“The Bible Consists Of Extremely In Depth, Realistic, And Complex Historically Accurate Writings Of Real People And Real Events That Have Been Proven To History To Have Actually Happened”

Such as King Nebudcudnezzar, . A Babylonian Ruler Who who destroyed the Jewish temple and exiled the Jewish people to a different land. history, and facts concluded this actually happened. Later he lost his mind because he decided to throw 3 Jewish men into a fire because they would not bow down to him, they were not affected or burned by the fire and when he reached his hand in the fire he was severely burned. History proves King Nebuchudnezzar indeed did fall and lose his mind marking the end of his kingdom restoring the Jewish Nation, This Is Just One Example Of This. Logic And Facts Point To Christianity Being True

Jesus Existed, There are 40 historical documents which accurately represent a man named Jesus Of Nazareth, who was crucified during the first century". There are 11 Historical Writings About Him Within 100 Years Of His Death, The Other 29 Coming Later". For the current Emperor of Rome during the time "Emperor Tiberius" There are only "7". Jesus Did In Fact Exist. It’s asthonishing to think how a single man can change the Calendar, change the world, and make the foundation for the way of life we live now. The New Testament including, Matthew, Mark, Luke John, Paul and others, are reputable to be "Real First Hand Accounts Of Jesus Of Nazareth".

When people are making false religions they do it for power, or wealth, making the messiah figure a Powerful, Unbeatable Person, in order to gain public attention, and gather more followers.

Jesus On The Other Hand Was A Humiliated, Tortured, And Crucified Man, Who Spread A Message About Love, and Forgiving Others. People Don't Make Messiah Figures Of A Beaten Humiliated, And Crucified, Man, Who Teaches To Forgive". There Is No Money, Power Or Motive To Spreading This.

The 12 Apostles Were Ordinary Men, Why Were Ordinary Men Compelled To Go Out And Spread Jesus's Teachings For No Reason? Including That Whoever Was Found Out To Believe In Jesus, Would Be Executed. "What Was Their Influence If Jesus Was Not Really The Messiah, Why Would 12 Random Guys Go Out And Spread These Things To Thousands Of People For No Reason?"

All The 12 Apostles Of Jesus Were Brutally Murdered Because They "REFUSED" To Deny That What They Were Teaching Was True, And That They Did See Jesus Rise From The Dead, "They Were Asked To Deny Jesus, And Admit All They Were Saying Was False

They Didn't, And They Were Killed For It.

“St Paul Was Beheaded",
"St Peter Was Crucified Upside Down"
"St Bartholomew Was Skinned Alive".

If a man knew he was lying, and knew that he never saw anything he claimed to have saw, the man would 100% Break Under The Threat Of " Being Skinned Alive. " A man does not go to death with a lie. For Example "The Watergate Scandal" - The men responsible for the Watergate scandal were taken to court and threatened with a couple years of prison if they did not tell the truth about the Lies They Told". Both of them confessed when faced with a couple years in prison. Jesus's Apostles Did Not

If I was going to be skinned alive and all I had to do was tell the truth to stay alive "I would Tell The Truth" The Apostles Were Not Lying. Christianity was spread to the whole world, being a Christian during that time would result in you being killed, "That does not sound like money, and power to me" A couple hundred years later The Roman Empire "which crucified Jesus" became the Largest Christian Empire In The World, after Emperor Constantine Of Rome, saw a cross in the sky with under it "In This Sign Conquer". later that night he had a dream about Jesus reinforcing his vision, "With that he ordered all of his men to paint crosses on their shields before battle, the men won the battle and Emperor Constantine credited Jesus to be the cause. Following This He Converted and made Christianity The Main Religion Of Rome, - The Roman Empire Lasted almost 2000 Years. Christianity is the reason the year is now 2024, Christianity has been the largest religion in the world, Christianity has undeniable evidence surrounding it, Its crazy how one man is responsible for 2.38 billion people who are all Christs Followers, Something Happened On That Cross, That Changed The World, And Makes Historians And Scientists Go Silent.

Also With This Comes Thousands Of Miracles Within Christianity Including This One

On August 18, 1996, Fr. Alejandro Pezet had just finished distributing Communion when a woman told him there was a discarded host in the back of the Church, Fr. Pezet recovered the host, placed it in a container of water, and placed the container in the tabernacle. On August 20th, he discovered that this host appeared bloody, so he informed the auxiliary bishop, Jorge Bergoglio.

Bishop Bergoglio decided to have the host photographed. The photographs. taken on September 6th, show that the host had grown in size and had the appearance of a piece of bloody flesh. After three years, when there was no decomposition of this apparent flesh, Bishop Bergoglio decided to have it Scientifically analyzed. The testing began in October of 1999.

In 2005 Dr. Frederic Zugibe, a cardiologist and forensic pathologist, announced his findings:

"The analyzed material is a fragment of the heart muscle found in the wall of the left ventricle, close to the valves. This muscle is responsible for the contraction of the heart. The left cardiac, ventricle pumps blood to all parts of the body. The heart muscle is in a inflamed state and contains a large number of white blood cells. This indicates that the heart was alive at the time the sample was taken. I affirm that the heart was alive, since white blood cells die outside a living organism; they require a living organism to sustain them, Thus. their presence indicates that the heart was alive when the sample was taken. What is more, these white blood cells had penetrated the tissue, which further indicated that the heart had been under severe stress, as if the owner had been beaten severely about the chest."

The tests were witnessed, but Dr. Zugibe did not know the origin of the sample. After he submitted his findings, he was told that the sample was taken from tissue found in 1996.

Dr. Zugibe responded:

"You have to explain one thing for me: If this sample came from a dead person, how could it be that while I was examining it, the cells of the sample were moving, and pulsating? If the heart came from someone who died in 1996, how could is still be alive?"

It was only at this point that Zugibe learned that the sample came from a consecrated host. He exclaimed: "This will remain an inexplicable mystery to science - a mystery totally beyond our competence".

Science Labs, Athiest Scientists, Companies, Research Labs, Have All Looked Into This, "They cannot explain how it happened" This has happened multiple times and every single host that turned into living flesh has the same blood type.

Another Example

The Miracle Of The Sun - October 13, 1917, 3 teenage girls reported getting visits from the Virgin Mary, they said they were told to gather a crowd at a specific time and look up at the sky A crowd, estimated at about 70,000, gathered at Fátima, Portugal, on that day and witnessed what has been described in which the Sun appeared to fall toward Earth, and move around, and portray vivid colors. Scientists cannot explain how after countless minutes the people who witnessed it were not blind after staring at the sun for that long, They cannot explain how something like that happened at the exact time the girls who were visited by The Virgin Mary said it would happen You can Look This Up, it actually happened and has baffled scientists all over the world. These are just 2 examples of thousands of unexplainable miracles, and events that have taken place within Christianity.


Without God There Is no hope, If There Is no God, There Is no afterlife, and all the love, joy, and amazing events in your life are pointless because nothing created the world in the first place, so nothing exists outside of it

If there is no God once you have reached your death, there will be nothing after it, meaning you will not experience happiness, and love after you die, You will just simply cease to exist.

“Marking the end of your existence for all eternity”

But luckily the evidence surrounding the existence of God, and the evidence surrounding the existence of Jesus Christ makes it a clear understanding that.

We did not come from nothing, nothing did not manage to shape its way into us

The evidence surrounding Jesus Christ is profound enough to believe that his teachings are true, and that Jesus indeed is the Son Of God

There is an afterlife, there is a heaven, there is a hell, and there is a purgatory. Purgatory is described in the Bible as a halfway point between heaven, and hell.

Heaven is described as paradise, paradise in being explained as happiness beyond our comprehension for all eternity. How one comes to heaven is repenting of sins, or better said as the act of trying to sin no more, to become closer to the God who created us, done by putting an effort into following Christ’s teachings.

Hell is described as a place of suffering, separated from god completely. Through acts of sin, and violation towards God, you have subconsciously turned your life towards Satan.

but through acts of goodness, and solitude while abiding by the creators rule of mankind, you have consciously turned your life towards God.

“God does not send you to hell, God never intended for any man, or woman to go to hell. You send yourself to Hell by turning your life towards evil, and rejecting the rules of purity set in place by our creator”. God Is Pure, God Is Holy, An evil man, or woman put in front of his judgement will be not the creators fault for his/her’s demise, it will be the persons fault for spitting in the face of the Most High, and turning their life towards evil, and hateful ways.

We Do Not Fully Understand The Concept Of Hell, All We Know Is That Hell Is Eternal, And Hell Is A Place Of Suffering.

Think About Your Life. have you found hope, or something true to follow in your life yet? "Something Greater Than You"

If Jesus is true than there is an afterlife, "there is a heaven" In which comprises of happiness beyond our comprehension. happiness happier than the best moment in your life you have experienced, not temporarily, but for eternity. Eternity meaning you could spend a billion years in Heaven, and it would just be the beginning.

"Does 100 Years On Earth Seem That Long To You Now?

I would like you to think about death, and the summary of death in which you are no longer here on this earth, you are gone. You could die any day! You could die next week! You don't know when you are going to die,

"A wise man once said I would rather die believing there is a God and there isn't. Than die believing there isn't a God and there is"

Jesus said I am The Way The Truth And The Life, "No one comes to heaven but through me” The Gift Of Jesus Is Free. He promised us Eternal life in return for believing in him, forgiving others, and repenting of our sins.

Being a Christian does not mean praying 5 times a day and going to church 3 times a week, Being A Christian Is Acknowledging The Presence Of Jesus, And repenting of our sins. The gift of the Holy Spirit is free, in exchange for your faith, and repentance, you will be granted Eternal Life, Think About Death, Think About Hope, Think About Your Life, Think About The Evidence

Christianity Has Given Me Hope, Its Given Me A Reason To Live, I Have Something In Me Now That Is Much Greater Than Me, Christianity Has Given Me Something To Look Forward To, And A Reason To Keep Going,

Use What I Have Told You And Think, About Your Next Decision Regarding Faith

Make That choice soon, because I tell you my friend, you will never know the day you will meet God

thanks for your time

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