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It's about a college boy named Xander and how his life changes after touching a sword.
Chapter 1: 'The sword from above'.

'Hi, Im Xander! Im a final year college student in the University of Zenith Achievers. I live alone in an apartment and i'm currently somewhat broke and single. My parents died in an accident and i was looked after by my grandmother who also passed away a year ago. She left me a fortune before she died and i use it to pay for my college fees, but still then I do a lot of part time jobs for my livelihood. But there is one job that i do secretly, read through my story to know my secret job, i may be a contract killer or maybe even a spy or even better an assassin. Now enjoy the story of how my life changed as i stepped into the new world of pain.'

Its 8 o'clock and Xander was still on his bed still dreaming. The alarm rang three times and Xander didn't even budge. Soon he opens his eyes slowly still sleepy and looks at the clock to see that it was already 8:15 and he had to reach school at 8:30. Xander quickly got up, brushed his teeth and washed his face and got dressed by that time its was already 8:25. The fear of getting scolded from his professor scared him and he went off to college not having his breakfast.

Xander was a born athlete and though many children of his age had some kind of magical attributes like water, flame, wind, etc. what he possessed was supernatural strength, which was a rare attribute. Despite having such power, the people were always looked down on by the society. It was mainly because the people feared the power as nothing was known about it except for the fact that it had the ability to enhance the physical abilities of the people who inherited the power to a whole another level. That being said, Xander was never bullied as such because of his power. Also, the discrimination of people based on power were not allowed by the authorities of the society. But even still then there were students and teachers who made faces when Xander got enrolled in the university and even way before that during his highschool days. Xander always had a hard time trying to mingle with his colleagues
as they always saw him as a black dot on a white paper. Sometimes, he was heart broken to be rejected by his colleagues and would cry at times knowing the fact that he had no one to share his problems with and the fact that he was alone made it worse. Xander had a hard time in his first three years in the university and all these years he would scream, get scared, frustrated, stressed, have a nervous breakdown, also punch a hole in his room out of anger, thought about suicide and about how cold the world was were the only things that he always thought of to pass a year. The same thing in the next year and also in the next, the same things happened over and over again. He began to blame his parents for leaving him all alone to face the world and would weep the whole night asking for forgiveness for thinking like that. But in the fourth year, he had a dream, more like a vision, he saw a blurry version of himself screaming but not out of anger but rather out of joy or excitement. Tears rolled down his cheeks as he had never felt such feelings for a very long time ever since he was left alone and that he had forgotten himself because of his strong desire to become one with the society. From that day onwards, he realised that nothing and no one can change his condition that he is in right now and decided to become the stronger and better version of himself like the one in his dream. That is when Xander evolved into a new being and began to smile even when he is hurt.

(Fun fact: Xander was never bullied because he excelled in all the physical exams and also because he had a huge and a well-built body, his colleagues, so to say feared him but ironically he was not someone to hurt others. He likes animes and anime games and always wished to be in an anime.)

'huff...puff... I...made it,' said Xander fully exhausted from his 5 kilometre run. He was sweating all over and as he opened the door to enter his class, 'You're late!!! How many times has it been this way? Xander?!,' exclaimed professor Hugh, a very well known and a respected man in the university, he had a fair-round belly with a white beard that extended up to his chest and was bald with a shiny forehead. His voice had a tone of authority and looked like a man who was well mannered with the norms and values etc. not that anyone cares. The other students stared daggers at him, Xander rubbed his neck not sure of what to say and gave a small nervous laugh,'I'm Sorry prof. Hugh. I guess i won't do that again,' said Xander nervously, ' You 'guess'? Are you trying to make a fool out of me here? Do you think i'll simply believe you after excusing you for two weeks? Hmmm? Do you?,' said prof. Hugh. 'uhhh... Well you see, i can't guarantee you that i'll come early tomorrow nor can i say that i'll come late, so i guessed. Hehehe, and uhh, for the past few weeks i've had some problems so i couldn't come early,' said Xander in a feeble tone to defend himself while trying not to make prof. Hugh even more angry. 'i...' just before prof. Hugh could say something, a bald, short old man in a blue tux with a wrinkled face comes and interrupts him. 'what is all this ruckus about?,' asked the old man looking at prof. Hugh, 'well you see dear sir, this young man, Xander, has been coming late for three weeks now and i thought to reprimand him of his behaviour,' replied prof. Hugh in a much more gentle manner. 'Aahh, i see, so what was his reason for being late? Did you ask him?,' said the old man, 'uhh - yes, s-sure i-i did. He said he had some problems.' said prof. Hugh stuttering to which Xander frowns at him. ' And what was the problem?,' asked the old man again to prof. Hugh. 'uhh- i was about to ask him then you came in dear sir, i had no intentions of hurting him without reason,' said prof. Hugh, 'Did he just lie?,' thought Xander. ' hahaha, i know you wouldn't. Jumping to conclusions shows how blind you are. Don't you think?.' said the old man looking at Xander.' Yeah, i guess you're right,' agreed Xander to which the old man laughs softly. ' In a world where magic exists so also possibilities, always remember that everyone. Now, young man you can go to your seat now.' said the old man and with that he left the class and prof. Hugh began with his teachings. But Xander was so touched by the old man's word, ' In a world where magic exists so also possibilities', and it got stuck on his head that it was the only thing he could think of the whole day. It gave him hope.

As usual, Xander attended all his classes but unfortunately, the gym and sports classes were canceled so he was bummed that evening. On his way to his apartment, he kept thinking who the old man was. ' A janitor? No, no, no, that's not it. A business man? No, no, no, why would a business man be doing in a university? (yawns) i guess i'll leave that for some other day,' said Xander to himself, he looks up at the sky,' Hhmmm, what a beautiful sunset,' said Xander as he starred at the sun. Suddenly, he noticed the sky opening right above the Mighty Forest. The thing gave off a dark light but it's light was inferior to that of the sun so it fell down from the sky unnoticed except fortunately or unfortunately, Xander saw it. Soon enough the sky closes and everything seems to be normal again. Xander was shocked and frightened at what that thing was. He screams,' Damn it! Why am i scared? I can't take my weak side of me,' muttered Xander to himself, unsure of what to do, he musters up all the courage and decides to check the thing himself.

(In an another dimension) An old man with white, long moustache and wrinkled face with a bald fore head with few hairs on his sides wearing a traditional robe sits in his backyard veranda that has a beautiful view of a mountain faraway. He is enjoying the view when suddenly his senses kick in, he sees a vision of a boy with a sword that was feared by all, he comes back to his senses and he starts to cough,' The dimension has been breached. But i didn't think it would be this early (stands up as he slowly regains his senses). I guess it's time for them to be released,' said the old man as he looks at the mountain.

Upcoming next, Chapter 2:' Lost descendent of the Stars.' Stay tuned for in the next chapter, Xander will wield the legendary Eclipse sword and begin his new journey.
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