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Fascism is Coming
Fascism Is Coming

Has come back
With the Trump MAGA movement
And similar rise of the right-wing
In Europe and other places.

The classic elements
An appeal to power
To tradition
To a strong man.

Who will come in
And save the country
Taking the country back.

For the real Americans
Battling the vermin
Investigating the county.

" WINNER and NEW PROMPT - Due Friday, Feb 2" 18 hours 4 minutes 10 seconds
On Feb 2, 1922, James Joyce's novel Ulysses was published - a work that proved to be greatly influential over the next century. Also the bane of many a college student taking classes in English literature.

You can read more about it here and here .

One of the striking and influential techniques used by Joyce was to lean heavily on "stream of consciousness" , in which the protagonist's often fragmented and wandering train of thought is transcribed directly into the novel without dialog prompts or explanation.

You can read through chapter 11 of Ulysses in the online text to get a feel for Joyce's use of the technique.

For this prompt, write a story or poem that incorporates a significant amount of this sort of inner monologue.

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