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BSF Jesus will leave, but He Is coming back.
Jesus Announces His Departure and Return

Scripture: John 13:31–14:6

Scripture Verse: “Jesus answered, ‘I Am the way and the truth and the life.’”

God’s Attribute: Love. Jesus loves people very much.

Main Truth: Jesus Is coming back.


“One little, two little, three little fingers…in prayer. Our hands we fold, our heads we bow, so we can talk to God right now. God, Thank You for sending Jesus, because Jesus loves all people. Thank You Jesus, for showing Alexis and Abby” name everyone, “how to love others. Amen.” Make sign for Amen.

Hold up Bible. “Does anyone know what book this is?” Wait for answer. This book is the B.I. B. L. E, the Bible. Can anyone say Bible?” Sing The B. I. B. L. E. “Who wants to touch the Bible? Do you want to touch the Bible, Calvin/Amelia/Bastian? The Bible is God’s true word. The Bible tells us about God and Jesus.” ASL for Jesus. “Today’s story is about Jesus taking a trip.”

*AsteriskB* “Jesus was with His friends.” Show picture of men. Show picture of Jesus.

*AsteriskB* ”Jesus would leave this world very soon.” Take picture of Jesus away.

*AsteriskB*Jesus loves people very much.(/b} Jesus loves Abby and Alexis…very much."

*AsteriskB* “Jesus’ friends were sad. They wanted Jesus to stay.” Sad face.

*AsteriskB* “Jesus did not want His friends to be sad.” Sad face.

*AsteriskB* “Jesus told His friends He would come back.” Happy face. Pull out picture of Jesus.

*AsteriskB* ”Jesus always keeps His promises.” Speak slowly, lean forward, emphasize sentence.

*AsteriskB* “Jesus Is coming back.”

Verse: To God Is So Good. “Jesus said, ‘I Am the way and the truth and the light,’ hallelujah.” 2X “John 14:6a, John 14:6a 1X “Jesus said ‘I Am the way and the truth and the light,’ hallelujah.”

*AsteriskV* Joy to the World. “Jesus Is coming back. When Jesus comes back, everyone will be happy and excited. This is called ‘Joy.’

*AsteriskV* Praise Him, Praise Him

*AsteriskV* We Thank You Loving Father.

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