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A threat of war in three zones is met with strong deterrence, not hesitation - a poem.
The generational gaps in this era
Are processed by our citizenry…
Humanity shall now lean on the key concerns
Of the modern day;

The university of conceivable truths
Pertains to a pertinent volume
Of misfit makers;
Clouds of infamy wash away
The impending annals of dissolution;
The world stands on the brink
Of war in Asia, Europe,
And the Middle East;

The radical doling of funds
No longer assists the folks here at home. 
Instead targeting peace, strength,
And security through a nonsense,
Shredded, and shady diplomacy. 
Of gypsy, peach-like, golden rays…

The precise cure shall be broached,
In the forthcoming resignations -

Three spirits are advised and accelerated;
So dedicated to our national defense.
China, Russia, and Iran shall continue
To further their doomsday resolve in perpetuity,
Asserting our downfall with unwitting authority -
In blatant disregard and violation
Of our diplomatic, virtuous straight talk
And reverberating options. 

Streamers and silver tassels
May extend the verity;
Pursuit of extensive, punitive,
Destructive wars shall be the only lesson.
Lay claim to that global scenario
Of a humongous, titanic cliff -
The deterrence offered by a focused,
Headstrong defense of our allies
And partners,
As well as our global, sovereign,
Humane rights as a foremost superpower,
Shall present a distinct
And formidable obstruction
To our enemies’ lethal intentions…

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