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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2313727
It's about a college boy named Xander and how his life changed after touching a sword.
Chapter 2: 'Lost descendants of the Stars.'

(In another dimension):
The old man summons one of his maid,' Ryu!, come here,' the girl quickly responds to his master's call and comes rushing into the room. She bows down before him, 'Master, what is it? How may i be of help to you?', asked the maid. She was a young woman around her 20s, she had dark brown hair tied into a bun, her eyes were also brown in colour, she was wearing a black kimono but with white clothing covering her insides, a large white ribbon was tied around her waist as well.
The room they were in is semi-dark apart from the light that came inside from outside the veranda, there was no windows or passage as such for the light to penetrate into the room. The floor was laid with fine, green rug, it was not the softest but it had a good feel. The interiors inside the room were made from a traditional material, the silk from the silk worm. But the silk from the worm were thrice as strong as a diamond, i.e, the hardest substance in the world. For centuries these silk were used to make houses and even strings for musical instruments and even for making weapons.
The old man ordered,' Ryu, go and ready my assassins. They have some job to do,' Ryu lifts her head up at her master, confused,' Master, it's time? Already?,' asked Ryu, the master smiled,' Indeed it has.' replied the master while turning back and fixing his attention on the mountain. Ryu quickly asks her leave and goes out of the room to ready her master's assassins. (well, i guess things are gonna go up a notch,) thought the master in his mind.
Ryu goes to the training ground of elite soldiers. The structure of the fortified ground resembled a colosseum but it was twice the size. Before Ryu could enter,' I knew something was off,' said a sharp muffled voice from above her, she stops before the gate,' Yes, indeed we have a problem,' said Ryu, she looks up and sees the three assassins she was looking for. She could hardly see them since they blended so well with the shadow of one of the broken walls of the colosseum. But she noticed that they were already prepared for the mission and had their weapons ready and their special assassin attire on.

Analysis: The assassin attire was made from the skin of a rare, enormous and an extremely powerful beast, the Master named it 'Aberon', since to him it sounded good. All the villagers feared it during the past, it destroyed everything and ate anything and everything except humans and animals. But the Aberons were not good with cold seasons. Unfortunately for the Aberons, an extremely cold winter season came in the kingdom three years after they came . It was beyond any winter season that the kingdom had experienced and eventually wiped out all the Aberons in the kingdom. Surprisingly, though the body was mummified, the skin of the Aberons were well preserved and in good condition. The first body was founded by a traveller and later told this to the villagers where a certain witch docter, Alan Dormu, thought that such resilient skins could be used for making many useful things like clothes, roofs or a sails or a decorative piece etc. With the discovery of magic by Alore Cae by using stones from an ancient cave situated in the far northern side of the village, meanwhile, Alan decided to do an experiment to see whether the skin of Aberon would be able to sustain itself against fire, arrows, swords, cannon shots. He was successful in his attempt, but he wanted to go even further with his experiment by testing the skin against magic or Blessing as termed by the founder. He was yet again successful but the skin somehow seemed to show weariness after fifty shots and during hundredth shot the skin became thin. After every shot the skin became thinner and thinner. But, the good thing was it was thick enough to withstand hundred magic shots, two or more skins could be fused with high magic pressure giving a better, stronger skin, it had the ability to regenerate it's resilience over time. This led to the idea of making Assassin attires.

( Funfact: Assassins came into existence when the Aberons started attacking the villages far from the protection of the 'Kingdom's Arms' which was an organization to help those villages who wanted to live outside the borders of the kingdom like their ancestors instead of enjoying life in a well-built place. As such, the kingdoms decided to give special trainings to certain physically fit people to help the far-off villages to kill the monsters or any threat. This people soon started to bribe the people for money for saving them. When these people were told to leave the Kingdom's Arms, they made an organization of their own and decided to rebel against the system. This led to the idea of assassins. The Kingdom's Arms decided to send assassins to assassinate the rebellions. It is still prevalent even to this day.)

(Meanwhile in Xander's dimension/world):
Xander took a taxi and had it take him half way into the forest. As he walks out of the car, a big cold breeze hits him giving him a spine chilling vibe.After Xander pays for the fare the taxi left and eventually he was all alone. He looked up to the sky and tried to remember where the sword could have fallen, but the only clue or idea he got was that it could be in the middle of the forest. This made him shiver at the thought of it and him going all alone in the forest. But again as he said he would be a better version of himself, he walked towards the forest. He reaches the entrance or so to say, two extremely huge and large tree as it's gate or entrance, with such a sight in front of him, Xander remembers why it was called the Mighty Forest and with a gulp and a deep breathe,he enters the forest.

Analysis: The Mighty Forest had existed since time immemorial, it was said that the forest came into existence even before the discovery of magic. After magic was found not long before it's existence, the forest became a breeding place for magical creatures. These magic creatures came into being right after magic was introduced in this world by Alore Cae.There were many creatures in the forest both great and small, powerful and weak, but the most renowned creatures were, the Sun Dragon, Black Pegasus, the Crystal Golem, which was the hardest and toughest golem as it had crystal armour all over it's body, the Giant Snake King, Forest Golem, Blazing Wild Cat, Water Horse, Phoenix, Thunder Bird, etc. One of the most popular creature of the forest was the Guiding Fairies. It was so-called because, when a traveller was lost, these fairies would help them find their way back and would give them their blessings which was said to be good luck. They were seen as a creature of good omen. But now they have gone endangered. Since they were a rare sight, the poachers had their eyes on them and played their dirty tricks to make the fairies help them. This went on for a long time until the Queen of the Guiding Fairies awakened. Driven by extreme angered she massacred hundreds of poachers and even some innocent people thinking that they were poachers. As a result, the fairies feared the humans and regarded them as evil and even humans saw the fairies as evil as well. The Queen was overwhelmed by guilt and went into an eternal sleep.

( Funfact: But there was one man, a hero, who was loved by the guiding fairies including the queen herself. Find out in the following chapters who he was.)

As Xander enters the forest, he recollects stories of the Mighty Forest told to him by his grandmother and remembers one particular story. His grandmother told him that the beasts are all as sleep and will not wake up. This made him calm down a bit. But the forest was used by thieves to steal peoples money etc. so this made him feel anxious, scared but also reassured that there are no magical beasts. After a few good hours of walking and not encountering any beasts or thieves, Xander reaches his destination. He is now face to face with the fallen object. The thing is pitch black with no shine to it but resembled the shape of a sword, it had sunk in the ground with only less than half of it's body out, with curiosity filling him up, Xander goes nearer to the sword and sees some inscriptions on it's edges. The inscriptions looked like a child had scribbled on it but surprisingly, Xander not knowing how and even surprising himself, is able to understand and even make out what it meant, ' Tell me your desires, i will fulfill it, Tell me your fears, we will conquer it.
'Fear the lost descendants of the star, from your hands nothing will be afar,'
When in need, call me, when in fear, yell 'save me.'
'I am the one,' In the end, the last standing is only one.'

Xander is so bewildered by this text that thinks that it's a riddle or something like that. After an hour of trying to understand and realizing that his time is running out and it's getting dark, Xander takes another quick look at the sword and finds another inscription on it's handle,
'Pick the sword, Conquer the world,'
' leave it for good, don't be fooled,'
And on the knuckle guard it says,
'The price of blood, can be washed by blood.'

Now Xander gets scared a bit and he gets goosebumps right after finishing the last sentence. He thought maybe it's a magical sword, but he has never heard of a sword falling from the heaven or clouds. He is now debating with his own thoughts whether he should take it with him or not. Eventually with the time running out and having the need to study for a test tomorrow, he decides to pull it out. But his grip fails him and instead of pulling the sword out he accidently gets one of his fingers cut from the handle and falls down on his bottom on the ground losing his balance. Suddenly at that very moment the sword starts to vibrate along with the surroundings and Xander himself starts to vibrate, his eyes are wide open and he checks his surroundings that were also vibrating and before he knows it the sword is out from the ground and floating giving of prickles of small lightning forks purple and blue and red and orange. Automatically Xander reaches out fr the sword and grabs it. When it get in contact with Xander, the sword gives off a small sound wave shaking all the trees and pushing Xander to a nearby tree knocking him out cold.

Xander: Hello there! My fellow Assassins! So i found the sword and even got a hold of it but i got knocked out which is a bummer i know. But hey! I'll give it my all in the next chapter, ' Conqueror of conquerors.' Watch me fight against a magical beast that i've never heard of and not to mention the debut of my so called three wives? Don't forget guys. Counting on you! See ya!

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