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A poem about Daisy's thirteenth birthday.
Delectable smells fill the air, a pup's party near,
Appetizers abound, for furry friends so dear.
Invitations sent, tails wag with glee,
Scenting out fun, a canine jamboree!

Yellow balloons bob, tied to doggie treats,
Playful pups gather, on tiny paws they fleet.
Birthdays are best with buddies by your side,
Daisy grins wide, her joy cannot hide!

Ribbons of streamers cascade, a colorful sight,
Tug-of-war games erupt, with playful might.
Happy barks echo, laughter fills the air,
Sharing belly rubs, with love and happy care.

"Happy Birthday Daisy!" bandana proudly worn,
Adorable ears perked, a tail so swiftly torn,
Yearning for cake, with frosting oh so sweet,
Delicious bites, a birthday pup can't beat!

Snuggles abound, with furry friends so true,
Sharing secrets, whispered soft, it's new.
Time for presents, wrapped in paper bright,
Unveiling squeaky toys, with pure delight.

Dinner is served, bowls overflowing with cheer,
Every pup happy, no grumbles, no fear.
Bones for chewing, a symphony of crunching sound,
Memories made, on joyful birthday ground.

As day turns to night, stars begin to gleam,
Sleepy goodbyes, a puppy's happy dream.
Love fills the air, a warmth that will remain,
Daisy's thirteenth birthday, etched in memory's lane.

LINE COUNT: 28 Lines
Today is our sweet Daisy's 13th Birthday - she's a teenager!

Write your story or poem using all of the following as part of the prompt.

1. Title your item "Happy Birthday Daisy"
2. Write about a birthday party for a dog, which includes some of their dog friends.
3. Choose ANIMAL as one of your genres.
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