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by Kayden
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Describing how my pain feels like
I know that in the past they tough that bad feelings came from the spleen but science has proved us that it comes from the mind the problem is that we feel it in the body.
I can feel my pain in the chest, it’s like a grasp on my heart, a chain is squeezing my insides and I just want to rip my skin, break my bones, shatter that chain and free my self from this cruel game that my mind likes to do. The funny thing is that I know that this isn’t even the worst, ‘cause the real pain feels like a big stone that keeps growing and pressing violently against the walls of my throat and wile doing so the sharp edges of it scratch everything that it thatches, and I try to scream just to let this stone out but nothing comes out, not the stone, not the voice, not even air.
That is my personal hell, I can’t be freed, not even my loved death can help me.

Thanks for reading, English is not my first language and i’m always ready to improve so please if you have a tip or more on how to improve my writing and my grammar I really need it
thanks and be safe
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