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A poem dedicated to the hopeful recovery of my love
In the depths of sorrow, she finds her place,
A heart weighed down by trials she must face.
The person I love, lost in despair,
A heavy burden, too much to bear.

She's the only girl, in a family of boys,
Yet her father's treatment, a painful noise.
Is it her gender, or the divorce's toll,
That casts a shadow over her soul?

She longs to speak, to share her pain,
But fear and silence, they both remain.
Her friend, a comfort, yet a thorn in the side,
Life's cruel twists, a relentless tide.

But through the darkness, a glimmer of light,
I stand beside her, through the darkest night.
For the girl I love, in her depths of woe,
I'll be her strength, her beacon to show.

Together we'll face the trials ahead,
With love and courage, no longer misled.
For in her journey, I'll be her guide,
The one she can lean on, her rock, her guide.

Though she's depressed, I believe she'll push through,
With love and support, she'll find her breakthrough.
The girl I love, resilient and true,
With hope in her heart, she'll make it through.

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